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What are the leadership qualities to look for when hiring a manager

The manager position is one to be responsibly filled in any organization as it has the power to make or break the industry. The best manpower consultancy in the field takes this as a very important and significant job as managers are the ones who lead the company and has a myriad of responsibilities.

Managers are extremely talented in managing all different teams, help the company adapt through different and new situations, and keep improving the performance of the employees and the company simultaneously.

Check it out to leading manpower agency here who can help you in narrowing down your pool of candidates and figure out the best in the team for the position. Managers are supposed to be having huge vantage and flexible skills to deal with every station in the workplace.

So here we are going to discuss some leadership qualities and skills that you can look forward to when hiring a manager.

1. Openness and transparency

We as humans are always looking forward to opening conversations and transparency in our life. The corporate world is no different. When you choose your manager, make sure the person is approachable and is always ready for an open conversation. It is very important to have a basic level of trust with the manager. This will directly enhance employee satisfaction which is bound to increase the company’s productivity and success. Be sure of the candidate’s skill-set in being open, accepting, honest, and being transparent. Your employees and the head of the company should be able to have honest and gratifying conversations with the manager.

2. Skills of communication

Communication is a key skill that every manager is bound to have. Misguided or incomplete information is often a problem in the company. A person with excellent communication skills will help the employees in getting the work done and increase overall productivity. With clear communication, everyone is clear about all the details which can get the work done in the stipulated time with no delays. Having great verbal and written communication skills is sure to be kept as a lookout for everyone who is applying for the manager position.

3. The art of decision making

An average person makes a couple of decisions a single day, but a manager is bound to make more than. Out of these some of them can be difficult ones, come very swift and short notice sort of decisions. So the manager should be able to make decisions faster and optimally. This in itself is an art and the candidates applying for the manager position should be having this skillset within them. The best manpower consultancy also considers the art of decision-making as a significant part of the manager’s skills. Perfect decisions at the right time aren’t an easy thing to do, but a requisite for the managers.

4. Self-esteem and confidence

These are qualities that make managers separated from other employees. The difficult decisions you have to make every day has to be done with confidence to let all the employees jump on board with you. Having high self-esteem and overall confidence in the voice, the tone is sure to make others believe in your ideas, leadership, and the decisions you make. This is extremely important for the overall smooth and streamlined functioning of the company.

5. Having a sense of responsibility

Responsible for someone’s actions isn’t an easy task to do. But as managers you need to understand the threat they are to take the responsibility for all the employee’s successes and failures. This is a true leadership quality and checks it out to leading manpower agencies who keep this quality of sense of responsibility on the topmost priority list of the recruitment of managers.

6. Understanding and empathetic feeling

Managers are required to have the quality of understanding their employees and the feeling of empathy. This is extremely important as the employees constantly look for a balanced and positive work environment that will enhance productivity and better the success of the company. To achieve this objective it is best to have managers who have an empathetic self and who are understanding towards their employee’s concerns at work and helps in bettering the ambiance.

7. Concentration and focus

Any business or company will have multiple projects going on side by side. For a manager, it is extremely important to maintain a tab of all the activities along with the priority list of all of them. Focus and concentration are qualities that will help in getting the correct things done at the correct time. This sense of focus and planning is a prerequisite for managerial positions.

8. Outside the box thinking

Creativity and outside-the-box thinking takes the company to newer heights. The ability to figure out creative solutions for some of the complex problems saves everybody some time and brings in something new all the time. The best manpower consultancy also keeps this quality on their top list, so that they can hire a manager who is different in this thinking and finds non-traditional ways of looking at problems and finds solutions accordingly.

9. Optimism

This quality is overall a very important one in the corporate sector. There are always projects that do not go your way and it is the manager’s responsibility to cheer the team on for the work they have got and always point to much brighter opportunities. This optimism of the manager is sure to motivate the employees and they can now stride towards betterment for themselves and the company. This is sure to enhance the success of the company as everybody is in good spirits all the time.

10. Sense of commitment

This is a no-brainer. Any person should have a strong sense of commitment to the work they do for it to become the best and to get it done. A manager especially should have a high sense of commitment and should not deter down because of troubles. There should always be a looking forwards mentality that adds to being resilient not just for you but for the entire company and its success.

11. Power of delegating

Delegation is often seen as a not so much required quality, but for a manager, it is a very significant one. Delegating your tasks to people and teams will make the work easier and better. The world when divided can be submitted faster and when you appoint the best person in the company to do a particular duty you are making sure that they play to their strengths and hence better quality of work is finally turned in.

12. Having a clear vision

For any business, success lies in achieving the goals and objectives set. To set these there should be clarity in the vision that is upheld. So the manager needs to have the company’s vision always in mind and being very clear and transparent about it will help in achieving them and the overall success of the company will be elevated.

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