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5 Factors That Make Singapore a Perfect Country for Filipinos Studying Abroad

Singapore is a fast-growing country and a popular destination for Filipino students looking to experience transnational education. As a country, Singapore is known for having the world’s most progressive education system and has nurtured a culture that promotes educational success and cultivating a highly educated workforce. In this article, we highlight the top 5 reasons why Singapore is the perfect country for students from the Philippines, so read on to find out what sets this diverse country apart from the rest.  


As you may already know, Singapore has consistently been ranked as one of the safest cities in the world where violent crimes are uncommon, and this can be seen in the country’s response to the global COVID-19 outbreak with timely preparation, stringent testing rules and contact tracing via their contact-tracing app. With Singapore’s non-tolerance to crime and violence, many Filipino students find it reassuring as their loved ones have had a safe experience while living in Singapore, especially during a global pandemic.  

Ease of Communication 

A unique quality about Singapore is that it is a multi-cultural society and home to students from neighbouring countries such as the Philippines. This acceptance and respectfulness of different cultures allows individuals to acquaint themselves with the various practices and beliefs. English is spoken by most Singaporeans so Filipino students will not have to worry about language and communication barriers. This diversity has made Singapore attractive to international students, allowing them to experience the multi-ethic cultures while using English as the main form of communication. The same can be said for SIM, with about 25% of full-time students hailing from over 40 countries.  

This has made Singapore attractive to international students, allowing them to experience the multi-ethic cultures while using English as the main form of communication.  

Multiple Job Opportunities 

Singapore has established itself as a hub for global activity and home to more than 59% of technology Multinational Corporations (MNCs) in Asia1, so it comes as no surprise that reputable organisations and institutions such as the University of London, RMIT University and others have chosen to offer their programmes in this country. Singapore is also hailed as a highly favourable destination in terms of a competitive degree, with sectors such as finance and manufacturing continuing to flourish. This puts SIM GE students studying courses like accounting and finance or logistics and supply chain management in a secure spot in terms of job stability. The ease of making global connections places Singapore in a favourable position for international students looking to live, study and work in a prosperous environment.  

Says Magesvaran Suranjan, President of P&G in Asia Pacific “The ecosystem is what allows a Hub to thrive. You can establish a HQ anywhere, but if those organisations stay static, they will become obsolete. In Singapore, these entities are alive because the ecosystem evolves to stay ahead.” 2 

Access to First-World Resources 

Education institutions based in Singapore are highly competitive, and the same can be said for the country’s economy and infrastructure, with its efficient transportation systems ranked second globally in terms of fare affordability. In the country’s effort to actively invest in building a thriving, innovative ecosystem, Filipino students studying at SIM GE can get used to the well-designed campus along with its top notch facilities such as a financial training centre, well-equipped gym, performing arts theatres, multi-purpose sports halls, labs, studios and many more.  

Low Cost of Living Compared to USA and UK 

One of the best things Filipino students, who choose to study in Singapore, do not have to worry about is the extremely high costs of living associated with transnational education. Although many people wish to study overseas, the cost of education in a foreign country such as Australia, the UK and USA may sometimes become a barrier for them. The cost of studying at SIM GE is 30-50% of the on-shore fees, hence students get the same quality of education for a fraction of the price. This makes Singapore the viable alternative destination for students who wish to study abroad, not to mention the limited time difference that Singapore offers to Filipino students.  

All in all, with its world-class education, internationally acclaimed universities such as Singapore Institute of Management Global Education and affordable costs, Singapore continues to be a fast emerging and preferred destination for Filipino students.


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