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Top 10 Best US Universities for a Marketing Career Revealed 

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison is the top university for a career in marketing 
  • University of Pennsylvania is the second-best university for marketing graduates 
  • Universities in Eastern US states are predominantly better for marketing degrees  

A brand new study released by reveals the top 10 best universities across the US for a marketing career. 

University of Wisconsin-Madison takes the top spot in the study, with an index score of 62.62 out of 100, marketing graduates are earning an average $73,246,67 in just their first year after graduating.  

Using both institution-level and course-level data from, the experts at, a B2B Database & Business Contact Data Provider, have indexed each university in the US with marketing courses available. 

Rankings are based on several factors measured annually including; admission rates, completion rates, median graduation earnings, the average cost of tuition, average costs of books, average cost of housing, and average total cost of the above expenses subtracting scholarships/grants. 

  1. 1. University of Wisconsin-Madison 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison takes the crown as the top university across the US for a career in marketing, scoring 62.62 out of 100 in the study. 

Based in Wisconsin, it has six marketing courses available exploring several elements including Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Brand Management & Strategy and Marketing in a Digital Age.  

With an admission rate of 57%, and a completion rate of 88%, there are currently 31,651 undergraduate students studying at University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

It has one of the lowest average net costs for students across the top 10 of $17,234 per year, factoring in fees, books, supplies, living expenses, subtracts grants / scholarships.

Therefore, with such a low cost for students and an average annual income of $73,247 in the first year after graduating makes it the top university for a marketing career across the U.S.

  1. University of Pennsylvania 

Placing second is The University of Pennsylvania, based in Philidelphia, it achieved a score of 62.46 out of 100. 

Whilst it has an impressive completion rate of 96%, it also has an extremely low admission rate of 9%, making it one of the hardest universities to get into. 

The average cost per year is $25,046, and marketing students are earning an average $112,878 in their first year of graduating and $106,756 in their second year. 

The university offers four courses, including Marketing Concentration MKTG, Marketing and Communication Dual Concentration MKCM, and Marketing and Operations Management Joint Concentration MAOM. 

There are only 10,507 students currently enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania. 

  1. University of Southern California 

In third place is University of Southern California, located in Los Angeles, it achieved a score of 61.37 out of 100. 

Marketing students from University of Southern California are earning the highest median salary, at an impressive $113,473 in their first year after graduating. 

Whilst it only has an admission rate of 16%, completion rates are an impressive 92%. 

With four marketing courses available, its Master of Science in Marketing Program is ranked 6th in the nation by TFE Times. 

This program provides tools, concepts, frameworks, critical thinking skills and practical hands-on projects in areas of interest that include entertainment, sports entertainment, luxury and lifestyle, technology, healthcare and marketing start-ups 

  1. Saint Joseph’s University 

Taking fourth place is Saint Joseph’s University, with a score of 59.14 out of 100. 

Whilst there are only 4,217 students at Saint Joseph’s, it has an 80% admission rate and an 81% completion rate. 

Out of the top 10 it does cost the most for students, at $33,492 per year, however it also has the least expensive annual book cost, at $910 per year. 

With six marketing courses available, marketing students are earning around $87,310 after graduating in their first year, and $87,311 in their second year 

  1.  Texas A & M University-College Station 

Texas A & M University-College Station scrapes the top five, with a score of 58.97 out of 100. 

This university offers the most marketing courses from the top 10, with seven available to choose from. 

It also has the most undergraduate students out of the top 10 universities, with a staggering 54,942. 

It is the second cheapest for students with a cost of $18,919 per year, marketing students are earning around $70,264 in their first year after graduating.  

One of its popular courses is MSc in Marketing at Texas A&M University, which is a 10.5-month program, on-campus on a full-time basis. 

  1. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is the sixth best course for marketing, with a score of 58.43 out of 100, just missing the top five. 

Located in Minneapolis, there are currently 30,907 undergraduate students enrolled at this University. 

With four marketing courses on offer, it offers a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, with courses exploring business writing, international marketing and internet marketing. 

Its admission rate is 70%, with a positive 84% completion rate. Students are earning a median of $76,032 in their first year of graduating.

  1.  Kettering University 

Kettering University places seventh in the index, scoring 57.46 out of 100. 

Whilst this University only has two marketing courses on offers, those who are pursuing careers after graduating are earning an impressive $104,767 in their first year. 

The number of undergraduate students enrolled is the lowest of the top 10, with only 1,639 students. 

It is setting students back $33,472 per year in expenses such as fees, books, supplies, living expenses, subtracts grants/scholarships. 

Whilst admission rates are 74%, completion rates are lower at 67%. 

  1. Vanderbilt University 

In eighth place is Vanderbilt University, located in Nashville, which has a score of 57.03 out of 100. 

Vanderbilt University only offers one marketing course, known as the Digital Marketing Boot Camp.  

This 18-week program teaches skills in marketing strategies, campaign management, and explores elements including search engine optimization (SEO), paid and organic social media, marketing analytics, audience building, and display and pay-per-click advertising. 

With an average net cost of $19,970 per year, graduates are earning around $108,764 per year after their first year of graduating. 

  1.  9. Michigan State University 

Michigan State University takes ninth place. 

With a score of 55.38 out of 100, there are currently 38,413 undergraduate students enrolled. 

With three marketing courses available, students can study a major in marketing with programs including Entrepreneurship: Strategic Marketing Planning and Launch, Sales

Management, and Product Innovation and Management. 

Whilst an average net cost is around $19,058 per year, it has a 76% admission rate and an 81% competition rate. 

  10.  CUNY Bernard M Baruch College 

Placing tenth in the index is CUNY Bernard M Baruch College, with a score of 54.79 out of 100. 

Based in New York, this college only has an average net cost of $2,264 per year- being the cheapest in the top 10. 

However, despite fees being low, the average housing cost is around $19,317 per year. 

With two marketing courses on offer, students are earning around $55,817 per year after their first year of graduating. 

Baris Zeren, CEO of, a B2B Database & Business Contact Data Provider, has commented on the study findings: 

“It is impressive to see the income marketing graduates are earning in their first and second years in the industry. 

“As the digital age evolves, so does the marketing industry, and it seems universities across the US are continuing to offer a wide range of comprehensive undergraduate courses to help students begin their marketing career journey. 

“It is important for students to understand just how powerful marketing is for a business, particularly email marketing which continues to remain a dominant B2B marketing strategy. 

“Over the past 10 years, careers in marketing have seen a significant spike. This is because businesses are more focused on driving more traffic to their website and converting online leads. 

“There is a growing need for experienced and knowledgeable marketing professionals. With so many paths to choose from, it is a great choice for someone looking for a well-paid and rewarding career.” 

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