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Soft Play Design and Installation Awarded Best In London For Their Innovative Soft Play Designs

London, UK – Soft Play Design and Installation, a renowned London-based business with years of experience in the industry, has been honoured with the prestigious Best in London Award for its exceptional soft play designs. With an extensive portfolio and a track record of creating engaging and imaginative play spaces, the company has set a new standard for innovative soft play designs in the capital.

For over a decade, Soft Play Design and Installation has been transforming ordinary spaces into vibrant and interactive environments for children to explore, learn, and have fun.

Their expert team of designers and installers work closely with clients to create custom designs that cater to their unique needs and vision. From small play areas to large play centres, the company has successfully installed soft play facilities in thousands of locations across the London area.

Customers who have experienced the exceptional services provided by Soft Play Design and Installation have been quick to share their praise and satisfaction. Here are just a few of the glowing testimonials from happy clients:

Sarah Thompson, Owner of Happy Kidz Play Centre:

“Soft Play Design and Installation exceeded our expectations with their creative and practical approach. They listened attentively to our requirements and came up with a design that perfectly captured the essence of our play centre. The installation was smooth, and the quality of the materials used was top-notch. Our customers love the new play area, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Mark Davis, Manager of Adventure World Indoor Playground:

“We were looking for a unique and captivating soft play design to enhance our indoor playground, and Soft Play Design and Installation delivered beyond our expectations. Their team’s attention to detail and commitment to safety were outstanding. The custom-designed play features and interactive elements have transformed our space into a haven for children’s imagination and exploration. We highly recommend their services.”

Emma Wilson, Director of Little Explorers Nursery:

“Soft Play Design and Installation created a wonderful soft play area for our nursery. They took into account the different age groups and incorporated age-appropriate elements to ensure maximum engagement for the children. The safety matting installation was flawless, and the entire project was completed efficiently and within our budget. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and the positive impact it has had on our little ones.”

Soft Play Design and Installation offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of its clients. Their expertise includes:

Custom Designs: The team works closely with clients to create tailor-made soft play designs that align with their brand identity, space limitations, and target audience. They pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the design is thoughtfully considered to provide a unique and engaging experience.

Play Centre Installation: Soft Play Design and Installation specialise in the professional installation of soft play equipment and structures. Their experienced team ensures that the installation process is seamless, adhering to strict safety regulations and guidelines.

Safety Matting Installation: Safety is of paramount importance in any play area, and Soft Play Design and Installation excel in providing high-quality safety matting installation services. They offer a wide range of matting options that are durable, easy to maintain, and designed to minimize the risk of injuries.

With their unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence, Soft Play Design and Installation has rightfully earned the Best in London Award for their innovative soft play designs.

Their dedication to creating safe, engaging, and imaginative play spaces has made a lasting impact on numerous facilities across the London area. Whether it’s a small play area or a large play centre, clients can trust Soft Play Design and Installation to bring their vision to life and provide an unforgettable play experience for children.

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