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INTO’s PASS Programme Enhances Visa Success Rates for International Students Bound for US Universities

As the number of international students enrolling in US universities increases, INTO University Partnerships is offering specialized assistance to students with the US visa process, particularly in countries where visa success rates are low.

Through their Pre-Arrival Success Services (PASS) programme, INTO provides visa support and guidance to international students, with a focus on promoting diversity on US campuses. Hundreds of students from various countries, including Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan, have successfully obtained their visas with the help of PASS.

Differentiating itself from standard visa guidance, the PASS programme offers dedicated and personalized support led by experienced advisors. The comprehensive assistance includes one-on-one mock interview sessions, workshops, and virtual webinars that cover every step of the visa application process.

“The US international student visa application and interview can be complex and challenging for many students. Our primary goal is to build confidence in students throughout the visa process as they prepare to embark on their educational journey in the US,” said Laura Nye, INTO PASS program manager.

Initially launched as a pilot in 2020 to assist students from countries with low visa success rates, the PASS programme has rapidly expanded into a fully-fledged service. It has already helped over 1000 students successfully obtain their F-1 visas, with an average 50% greater likelihood of visa approval compared to those without PASS.

The PASS digital webinars and workshops cover a range of topics, including “How to Apply for the F-1 Visa,” “Document Review,” “DS-160 Visa Application Overview,” “Interview Advice and Tips,” and a “General Q&A Forum.”

“Our programme is designed to cover every aspect of the US visa process for students. We provide comprehensive information and address any concerns or questions they may have. We also facilitate connections with student experience teams at our partner universities and offer insights into campus resources. This ensures a smooth transition into university life, where students can leverage the available support,” added Ms Nye.

The one-on-one mock interview sessions with INTO’s US visa specialists equip students for their visa interviews. This immersive experience helps students build confidence and effectively communicate their academic plans and goals during the interview.

Students who have benefited from PASS have expressed their appreciation for the programme. Ebilayefa, an undergraduate pathway student from Nigeria, said, “Without PASS, I feel like I wouldn’t have been prepared for the interview because I wasn’t confident in myself. But with the coaching I had, I was taught how to answer questions effectively.”

The programme has received positive feedback from INTO’s university partners in the US, as it contributes to increased diversity on campus by attracting talented students from around the world.

Vince Milam, Director of Marketing & Recruitment at UAB, stated, “We truly appreciate all that the entire INTO PASS team does to help our students be more confident and successful at their interviews. They provide such a valuable service.”

Oscar Del Rio, Director of Marketing and Recruitment at INTO Hofstra University, commented, “The PASS team is a great support for our students. They are readily available for advice and provide students with valuable information and insight on the visa interview process. Their high-quality work is evident when speaking to students who have met with a PASS team member, as they usually express their appreciation for the guidance received.”

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