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Can Bill Collectors Take You to Court?

Owing money is always a stressful part of our everyday lives. Not paying your credit card or any other form of debt on time can result in an envelope containing an invitation to the court inside.

There is a period in which you can ignore and avoid confronting your debt, but it must end sometime. Be aware of this factor and track your actions. 

The last option for bill collectors is to take you to the court, which answers the question from the top – yes, they can do that. 

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How to react?

In many cases, taking you to the court follows after many warnings before. So, if you still have the option to get yourself out of the debt without legal actions, do it now!

If, however, you have run out of time already, then it is time to face the truth. Don’t avoid being in touch with them – ask whatever is not clear to you.

Try to make an agreement about what (if any) payment you can do and how much debt you can pay off as soon as possible.

What is their goal?

Their goal is to collect that debt, one way or another. They will take you to court if you keep ignoring their letters and calls for a period of time.

Does the debt amount play a role in their decision to take you to court?

Yes, it does! Considering the time, legal fees, and other additional costs, creditors and bill collecting agencies can decide not to take you to the court if your debt is small.

In other words, it might not be profitable and cost-effective for them.

What to do when you have been served?

After you have received an invitation to court, you have 20 days to write a Defence. 

If you skip writing a defence, it will be considered that you agreed to come to the court.

When writing a Defence, you can either admit you owe a full amount of money or a part of it – in the end, you can propose a paying arrangement.  

In every one of these steps there are potential complications and confusion. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! 

Providing you with guidance and legal aid during these procedures, solicitors are your person of trust!

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