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5 Habits That Will Help You Prevent Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a condition characterized by a loss of control over the activity of the bladder. It can be mild, when a small amount of urine flows out, or severe when the bladder empties completely. But it is possible to deal with urinary incontinence. Do you know what habits will help with urinary incontinence?

Diet and some exercise can help treat urinary incontinence. And while there are other treatments, these simple habits can go a long way in improving your condition. However, treatment may vary depending on the underlying cause, but there are some general measures that can help fight the condition. And today we will share 5 of the most effective ones.

Good Habits For Urinary Incontinence

Loss of bladder control can be caused by various health problems.  Urinary incontinence is not a disease per se, but rather an alarming symptom. The leakage of urine is usually sudden. This can happen if you cough, sneeze, or exert yourself a lot (lifting something heavy).

In some patients, the condition gets aggravated even more that they cannot go to the toilet despite they have a strong need to urinate. But regardless of the cause or severity of the disease, anyone can practice simple yet very beneficial habits for urinary incontinence.  Let’s discover them in this article.

Avoid Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic drinks have a negative effect on the process of urination, as they weaken the walls of the organs of the urinary system. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages causes weakening and irritation of the walls of the bladder, ureters, and kidneys. Therefore, when it comes to treating urinary incontinence, it is best to eliminate these drinks from your diet.

Excessive alcohol stimulates the bladder and reduces the ability to retain urine. In addition, dehydration increases the risk of urinary tract infections. What to do then? Give up alcohol completely if you have symptoms of urinary incontinence. You can get assistance from special insurance programs to quit the addiction.

Some special state-funded programs, such as Medicaid, offer insurance to people based on certain criteria. However, it is important to keep in mind that Medicaid substance abuse treatment coverage depends on individual state policies. Therefore, it is important to gather all information before you get started with the treatment.

Make Changes To Your Diet

Eating certain foods, such as spicy or sweet foods, increases the need to urinate. One of the keys to successfully treating urinary incontinence is improving eating habits. After all, certain irritating foods have a negative effect on the bladder and only aggravate the condition. And many overlook this or simply ignore it.

It is necessary to reduce or completely eliminate too spicy, sour, and sweet foods from your diet. In addition, it is recommended to avoid the consumption of coffee and other caffeinated beverages. By making some dietary changes, you will be able to cope with several other health problems too.

Bladder Training For The Treatment Of Urinary Incontinence

Bladder training combines simple techniques to strengthen the muscles involved in urination. The goal is to “time” the emptying of the bladder. Thus, the first technique is to program a fixed time for all trips to the toilet.

Ideally, you need to learn to cope with the urge to urinate and endure as long as possible. But the body has to get used to emptying the bladder at a set time. And, of course, everything is done gradually. So first you need to go to the toilet every hour, then every two, and so on until four hours without leaks.

Another simple technique allows you to increase the ability to hold urine. It is about delaying urination a little when the urge is already strong enough. After waiting first 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, you will feel more control over your bladder.

Perform Pelvic Floor Exercises For Urinary Incontinence

Kegel exercises are effective for urinary incontinence as they strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Exercises aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles are the best adjunct to the treatment of urinary incontinence. Often they can even be the start of major treatment when urine leaks are minor. You can easily perform these Kegel exercises right at home. What do we have to do?

First, alternately tighten and relax the pelvic floor muscles for 5-10 seconds. The number of seconds you hold your muscles, remember to relax the muscles for the same amount. The pelvic floor muscles are the same ones that help us stop the process of urination. 

If you’re not sure you’re tensing the right muscles, try going to the toilet and trying to stop the process in the middle. Other exercises such as the bridge or pelvic lift can also be very helpful. You just need to focus on contracting the right muscles. These exercises are easy to perform and you can do them at any time.

Quit Smoking For Urinary Incontinence

Tobacco can disrupt the functioning of the bladder. Due to the high content of toxic compounds in tobacco, smoking can lead to the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. In particular, the effects of nicotine can lead to excessive contractions in the bladder, resulting in a sudden increase in the urge to urinate.

In addition, you need to remember that smoking often causes a chronic cough. And the latter is also directly related to urine leaks. Coughing increases pressure in the abdomen and pelvic floor, causing the bladder and urethra to descend. Thus, to prevent urinary incontinence and improve overall health, it is important to quit smoking.

Take Away

If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, you need to adopt the habits mentioned in this article. But remember that it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible – when the first symptoms appear. After all, the sooner you take the necessary measures, the better the prognosis will be. Be healthy!

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