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Medicana Health Group Unveils Expansion into UK, Aiming to Transform Private Healthcare

Medicana Health Group, renowned for its all-encompassing healthcare services, is making a strategic entrance into the UK market to cater to the growing need for high-quality healthcare.

Medicana Health Group, celebrated for its comprehensive healthcare solutions, is poised to extend its presence to the UK, championing its acclaimed patient-focused strategy and personalised care services. This move aims to address the heightened demand for private healthcare and insurance solutions in the wake of COVID-19. Fundamental to Medicana’s strategy is a commitment to “active listening and personalised attention,” which involves a deep understanding and addressing of the unique needs of each patient, ensuring a custom-tailored healthcare experience from initial consultations to aftercare, with the objective of redefining the UK’s private healthcare standards.

Embracing “active listening and personalised attention at every stage of the patient’s journey,” Medicana Health Group pledges to provide an intimately personalised and strategically crafted patient experience, leveraging their successful formula in Türkiye to bring about a significant change in the UK’s private healthcare scene.

Stepping into the £282 Billion UK Healthcare Arena

The revitalisation of the UK’s private healthcare sector post-COVID has been significantly propelled by a rise in individuals choosing self-funded healthcare options. An increasing number of people are seeking private healthcare to evade the NHS’s protracted wait times and to tap into the high-level expertise and quality offered by the independent sector. The 2022 healthcare spend in the UK, as estimated by the Akeso report, stands at £282 billion, with public spending accounting for roughly 80% and private outlays constituting about 20%.

Against this backdrop, Medicana is set to deploy its vast expertise and comprehensive care spectrum to enter the UK’s private healthcare market. By showcasing its validated model of healthcare, which spans from sophisticated diagnostics to personalised treatments, Medicana is ready to meet the rising demand for exceptional private healthcare. The organisation’s dedication to excellence, paired with its innovative approach to patient care, positions Medicana as an ideal match for the UK’s healthcare requirements.

Accommodating 5.5 Million Patients Each Year

Medicana Health Group annually extends top-tier healthcare services to over 5.5 million patients globally, utilising its 16 hospitals that offer a vast bed capacity. This attests to their broad experience in providing premier care and their adeptness in catering to the diverse needs of an international patient demographic. The extension of Medicana Health Group’s operations into the UK is anticipated to lead to a substantial shift towards more caring, efficient, and individualised healthcare solutions, marking a significant chapter in their dedication to advancing patient care and global healthcare standards.

Boasting over three decades of experience, Medicana’s medical acumen covers an extensive range of specialties, providing advanced services in areas including Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Organ and Bone Marrow Transplantation, Neurosurgery, In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), Genetics, Cardiovascular Surgery, Orthopaedics and Traumatology, and Obesity Surgery. Since 2016, Medicana Health Group has also expanded its educational initiatives, offering a diverse array of educational programs from preschool to higher education, both domestically in Türkiye and on an international scale.

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