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Commercial dispute leads to legal success for Chester Law firm

Manleys, a leading Chester law firm, have reinforced their award-winning, national reputation following their latest legal win. Although a complicated and meticulous process, Peri Mornington, Dispute Resolution Specialist and Solicitor, finalised a swift settlement of the dispute out of court.

The disagreement escalated after a fallout between two former business partners, who are unnamed for legal reasons. With both parties failing to finalise a written agreement, and Manley’s legal opponent being based in Northern Ireland, no jurisdiction clause being agreed. Despite this, Peri Mornington secured £20,000 for her client, explaining: “The lack of a formal agreement with jurisdiction clauses could have caused issues in this case but we were happily able to secure an advantageous result without proceedings. It is worth noting that a jurisdiction clause is something which is of relevance since Brexit.”

The Complications

Whilst most business disputes are complicated by financial issues, cross- jurisdictional litigation cases present their own set of unique and time-consuming challenges. Defined as a business or company disagreement where a client is residing in a country separate to where the court is sitting, these cases rely on communication across separate jurisdictions. Peri Mornington explains: “Northern Ireland and Scotland each have their own jurisdictions and legal processes, the lack of a formal agreement with jurisdiction clauses could have caused issues in this case but happily we were able to secure an advantageous result without proceedings.”

The solicitor added: “Friends and family, and even close business partners, often do not feel there is a need to formalise their agreements in writing. Unfortunately, relationships can and do break down. When this happens, disagreements can escalate to legal proceedings.”

Manley’s Law Firm

Manley’s was founded in 2012 by litigation and media lawyer Mark Manley. The law firm are a specialist litigation practice, building a strong rapport with clients and focused on achieving results. Manley’s are recognised by both the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners independent legal directories.

For advice on legal solutions or disputes, contact Manleys on:


Telephone: 01244 230000

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