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Genetech Biotechnology Launches Four Exclusive Promo Bundles for Citreain Celebration Of Chinese New Year

  • Half the price deals for Prosperity Bundle, Pampering Duo, CNY (Clean New Year) Pair and Abundance Combo, for a limited time only

Genetech Biotechnology, the exclusive distributor of Citrea, launches four exclusive promo bundles to celebrate Chinese New Year. The four bundle sets, The Prosperity Bundle, The Pampering Duo, CNY (Clean New Year) Pair, and the Abundance Duo were carefully selected to create the perfect skin-care bundlesat very affordable prices for a limited time only.

The Prosperity Bundle is a set of four signature Citrea products to provide your skin with prosperous care and nourishment to welcome the Year of the Tiger. The set includes Citrea Lemon Myrtle Organic Moisture Mist, Citrea Lemon Myrtle Organic Hand Cream, Citrea Lemon Myrtle Natural Hand Sanitizer, Citrea Lemon Myrtle Natural Face Soap and a free foaming net. The Prosperity Bundle is priced at S$68.80, with a discount of 57.9% from the total price of all four Citrea products included in the bundle.

Citrea Prosperity Bundle

The Pampering Duo includes Citrea Lemon Myrtle Organic Moisture Mist and Citrea Lemon Myrtle Organic Hand Cream, perfectly paired to pamper yourself. It is available for only S$50.00, at 50% discount from its total price.

Pampering Duo

Celebrate a “Clean New Year” with the CNY Pair which includes Citrea Lemon Myrtle Natural Hand Sanitizer, Citrea Lemon Myrtle Natural FaceSoap and a free foaming net. Priced at S$32.00, at 50.2% off, the CNY Pairwill keep you clean and fresh at the beginning andthroughout the year.

CNY (Clean New Year) Pair

The Abundance Combo includes Citrea Lemon Myrtle Natural Hand Sanitizer and Citrea Lemon Myrtle Organic Hand Cream. Now available at S$30.00, with a discount of 48.8%, this power combo is paired to keep your hands clean and nourished with an abundant scent of refreshing lemon myrtle.

Abundance Combo

Citrea was introduced in Japan in May 2021 and has quickly gained a following amongst millennials for its all-natural and environmentally-friendly products. Citrea productsare made of up to 99.9% of natural and organic ingredients, adopteco-friendly packaging and are not tested on animals. Since its launch in Singapore on September 2021, Citrea,has gained a warm reception in the country’s skincare segment.

Lemon Myrtle, the key ingredient to Citrea products, is widely used for its medicinal properties and as a flavouring for consumable products. Also known as Sweet Verbena or “the gift of nature”, Lemon Myrtle has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in citral, polyphenols and other anti-oxidants which makes it a powerful, all-natural ingredient for Citrea’s high-quality, skincare products. Citrea is available in Singapore exclusively on Lazada and Shopee. Follow Citrea and get 12% off voucher for use on Citrea products.

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