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Cleanfluencers Scrub Up: Top Cleaning Influencers Earn 4 Months Of Normal Cleaner’s Wages With Just ONE Social Media Post 

Cleanfluencers (or cleaning influencers) are the new celebrity sensation taking the world by storm with satisfying cleaning videos, home hacks and the best cleaning tips and tricks. 

This new social media phenomenon hit our threads in 2018 when Mrs Hinch first rose to fame with her Instagram account dedicated to home styling and cleaning videos. Cleaning has since become a key social media genre, with the hashtags cleaninghacks, cleaningtips and cleaningmotivation gaining millions of views and posts across Instagram and TikTok. 

Now everyday people can become millionaires from a cleaning account online, home specialists Furniturebox have investigated just how much our favourite cleanfluencers earn – and compared it to the everyday cleaner’s wage! 

The study by Furniturebox looks to celebrate the success of our much-loved cleaning influencers, while also putting their paycheques into perspective. They did this by showcasing how many days of a UK cleaner’s salary each cleanfluencer’s social media posts could pay for – and the results are eyewatering! 

Would you have guessed that just one social media post from the top cleanfluencer could cover four months of wages for the average UK cleaner?  

The average earnings per post of the top 10 cleanfluencers in the study could cover the following number of UK cleaner’s hours: 

InfluencerNo. of UK Cleaners Hours One Influencer Post Could Pay ForNo. of UK Cleaners Days One Influencer Post Could Pay For (8h/day)
Sophie Hinchliffe1031.50129
Marie Kondo949.48119
Becky Rapinchuk264.2733
Abbi McMilan132.8917
Kayleigh Taylor118.9015
Ria Stafford113.9714
Samantha Pregenzer94.1912
Lynsey Crombie92.6112

Combined, just one post from each top 10 cleanfluencer could cover over one year of the average UK cleaner’s salary, at the equivalent of 374 days of wages.

The Top 10 Highest Paid Cleanfluencers on Instagram & TikTok 

  1. Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome), Instagram = £9,407.29
  2. Marie Kondo (@mariekondo), Instagram = £8,659.27
  3. Becky Rapinchuk (@cleanmama), Instagram = £2,410.10
  4. Abbi McMilan (@cleanwithabbi), TikTok = £1,213.43
  5. Kayleigh Taylor (@cleanwith_kayleigh), TikTok = £1,085.70
  6. Ria Stafford (@riorganize), Instagram = £1,039.40
  7. Kathryn (@doitonadime), Instagram = £938.01
  8. Samantha Pregenzer (@simplyorganized), Instagram = £858.98
  9. Lynsey Crombie (@lynsey_queenofclean), Instagram = £844.61
  10. Danielle (@cleaningwithdanielled), TikTok = £830.24

The most successful British cleanfluencer, and top of the list in the analysis, is Sophie Hinchliffe (AKA Mrs Hinch). Just one of Mrs Hinch’s fabulous Instagram posts could pay for over four months of a UK cleaner’s time, that’s 129 days of earnings. 

Mrs Hinch has an eye-watering £9,407.29 estimated earnings per Instagram post. That’s over 3x more than the average UK monthly paycheck (£2,016 per month). 

Second on the list is the queen of organisation, Marie Kondo. Famous for her systematic, minimalist home style and system of decluttering, Marie Kondo’s rise to fame is earning her an average of £8,659.27 ($10,899.64) per Instagram post.   

Marie’s earnings per post are the equivalent of 119 days of UK cleaner’s time. That’s 953 hours of paid professional cleaning! 

Earning a cool £2,410.10 per Instagram post, Becky Rapinchuk, known to her Instagram fans as Clean Mama, is third on the list. Her earnings per post could cover a UK cleaner’s wage for over a month (33 days).  

UK cleaning TV and social media sensation, Lindsy Queen of Clean, also made the list. Lindsy is a firm favourite on ITV’s This Morning for her useful home tips and tricks. But her Instagram account only ranks in the ninth position. 

According to Furniturebox’s study, Lindsy has an earning potential of £844.61 per post, placing her ninth on the list of cleanfluencer highest earners. Compared to the average UK cleaner, this average payment per post is the equivalent of 12 paid days of cleaning.   

What about our top TikTok cleanfluencers? TikTok cleaning influencers are seeing a rise in popularity as viewers adore satisfying and ingenious cleaning videos on “CleanTok”. This has led to over five-billion views for the hashtag “cleaninghacks” – we clearly love a cleaning hack! 

From our most popular TikTok cleanfluencers analysed, the highest-earning cleaning TikToker is Abi McMilan, known as cleanwithabbie, who earns over one thousand pounds per post. With an earning potential of £1,213.43 per TikTok, the Liverpudlian mum of two is the fourth highest-earning cleanfluencer in our study. To put Abbie’s success into context, the earnings from one post could cover the average UK cleaner’s wages for 17 days.

UK TikTok sensation Kayleigh Taylor (cleanwith_kayleigh) is the second most successful TikTok cleanfluencer and ranks in position five in the overall social media review. With an earning potential of £1,085.70 per post, Kayleigh’s seamless cleaning hacks are paying their way.

Surprisingly, the highest-paid cleaning influencers aren’t always the most popular. The analysis took into account the number of followers each account held, and here there was a change in ranking order. 

  1. Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome) = 4,400,000 Instagram followers
  2. Marie Kondo (@mariekondo) = 4,000,000 Instagram followers
  3. Abbi McMilan (@cleanwithabbi) = 1,900,000 TikTok followers
  4. Kayleigh Taylor (@cleanwith_kayleigh) = 1,700,000 TikTok followers
  5. Danielle (@cleaningwithdanielled) = 1,300,000 TikTok followers
  6. Jessica Haizman (@jessicahaizman) = 1,200,000 TikTok followers
  7. Becky Rapinchuk (@cleanmama) = 759,000 Instagram followers
  8. Chloe (@cleanitwithchlo) = 337,700 TikTok followers
  9. Ria Stafford (@riorganize) = 327,000 Instagram followers
  10. Kathryn (@doitonadime) = 295,000 Instagram followers

Six of the top 10 have over a million followers, with cleaning queens Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo maintaining first and second positions with over four-million followers each.

It’s interesting to see there is an even split between Instagram and TikTok when based on popularity. Perhaps this suggests TikTok could be the next hot platform for cleaning accounts and content? 

Commenting on the research, co-founder and director of Furniturebox, Dan Beckles stated: 

“We love cleaning and home influencers here at Furniturebox and we wanted to conduct some research to show their significance in the modern world and also put their success into context.

“Its amazing everyday people can turn their passion for homes and interiors into a thriving business – and it’s clear to see that people on social media are loving all the tips and tricks!

“By comparing the earning potential of cleanfluencers social media posts to the average UK cleaner’s wage, we wanted to celebrate the success of this newfound enterprise and show it can really pay to be clean! Who knows, perhaps cleaning could be the next big thing?” 

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