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Mum’s Know Best: Brits Reveal Best Advice They’ve Learnt From Their Motherly Figure

Almost a quarter of Brits would rather go to their mum for advice than their partner

·        UK reveals “be kind to yourself and others” is the top piece of advice they’ve learnt from their motherly figure

·        Londoners twice as likely to rely on their mum than Northerners

MORE than eight out of ten Brits (82%) revealed they’ve learnt their best piece of advice from their mother, according to new research published today1.

A quarter of the UK claimed that “being kind to yourself and others” is the number one piece of advice they’ve received from their mothers and what they’d pass down to their children, with “have confidence” (22%) coming closely behind and “always ask for help if you need it” (21%) rounding off the top three.

The survey was commissioned by expert spa skincare brand, fenjal, in celebration of Mother’s Day and the brand’s newly launched gift bundles, and it revealed that almost a quarter of Brits (24%) would rather go to their mum for advice then their other half.

A staggering 77% of mums and motherly figures polled admitted that their children frequently come to them for advice, with Brits three times more likely to go to their mum for guidance than their friend, proving just how strong a mother’s bond really is. 

Findings also revealed that twice as many Londoners claimed their mum is their first call for advice (34%), compared to just one in five Northerners (18%). There was also a gender divide, as 28% of females polled chose their mum, whereas over one in five (21%) males claimed their partner was their top choice for counsel. 

In celebration of Mother’s Day and to commemorate motherly figures nationwide, fenjal has partnered up with TV personality and mother of one, Ola Jordan, who reveals the best advice she received from her mother and what she aims to pass down to her two-year-old daughter, Ella.

Ola Jordan, TV personality, professional dancer, and mother of one, said: “I’m thrilled to be working with fenjal to celebrate mothers everywhere. The motherly bond is so strong, I have a great relationship with my mum, but she lives in Poland so our time together is extra special. When I had Ella she was someone I turned to for advice and I would call her all the time. Growing up training to be a professional dancer, she always taught me to be strong, be confident and most importantly be happy.

“This advice stayed with me throughout my entire professional career and my personal life and it’s what I install into Ella daily. Being a mum is one of the greatest challenges and rewards, We can sometimes forget to take care of ourselves and allow time to relax, so even though we are far apart, I will make sure we both get to unwind this upcoming Mother’s Day!”

Joanne Ward, Commercial Manager for fenjal, said: “In the lead up to Mother’s Day, we wanted to delve into the nation’s minds to discover the best piece of advice they’ve received from the motherly figures in their lives. It came as no surprise that ‘Be kind to others and yourself’ came out on top, as here at fenjal, we always strive to promote that all important ‘me time’ with our customers, to ensure they take a moment to relax and take care of themselves.

“We’ve been helping the nation create their perfect ‘me-moments’ for the last 60 years and with motherly figures working so hard to look after the nation, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give some kindness back and treat that special someone to a well-earned moment of relaxation. fenjal has a range of indulgent skincare and bath products to show some love to motherly figures over the Mother’s Day weekend and all year round.”

To help motherly figures enjoy that all-important me-time during Mother’s Day and beyond, fenjal has launched a limited-edition Mother’s Day gift bundle, comprising of six products, plus a heart shaped soap, so mums can indulge themselves in ultimate luxury – like they deserve!

fenjal is currently offering 10% off its gift bundles via its website, so you can gift your loved one with the ultimate stay at home spa package for a fraction of the price:


1.      Be kind to others and yourself (25%)

2.      Have confidence (22%)

3.      Always ask for help if you need it (21%)

4.      Appreciate everything you have (21%)

5.      Education is important (20%)

6.      Stay true to who you are/beliefs (20%)

7.      Never lose your sense of humour (17%)

8.      Strive to do good in the world (16%)

9.      Be resilient (15%)

10.   Be empathetic (14%)

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