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police shoot the man

“A boyfriend was left to die” said by women, which is injured by the shooting of Police

In Chicago, last week, on Tuesday, Police officers shot a woman, and she gets injured. The injured woman said that the Police also hit her boyfriend.

She said that her boyfriend was left to die. Police did nothing to save his life; they just put a blanket to cover him and just left him alone on the road.

On call with the reporters, while she is in the hospital where she is admitted, injured woman Tafara Williams said that her boyfriend Marcellis Stinnette was shot by a Police officer on 20 October.

She said that 19 years old Marcellis Stinnette has died because he was left alone dying. Marcellis Stinnette was also the father of an infant child.

Police Officers just put a blanket over him, while that young 19-year-old black man is begging him to move him to the hospital because he already had surgery in recent times. 

She said that the Police officers know that we are dying, but they still left us alone on the ground.

The injured woman, black by race, said that they both were smoking while sited in her car, which was placed near her home.

She said that the Police officer came near to them and started investigated him. She said that he already knew that White Officer.

When Officer start asking the question them, she said that both she and her boyfriend raise their hands to make him satisfy that they have nothing.

The Police Officer starts harassing that injured woman Marcellis. The Police Officer said to Marcellis that he already knew him because he was jailed for some time.

After that, the Officer went away. But a few moments later, she noticed that another Policeman was looking at them.

Suddenly the Police Officers start shooting at their car. I was shocked to see that behavior of the Police Officer.

I raised my hands to show the Police Officer that I have nothing. I started screaming and told them I do not carry any gun. Officer order me to come outside of the car, leave the vehicle immediately.

Because as I was already shot by the Police Officer, I could not move and I could not carry out from my car, which was standing near my house.

She said to the reporters that she and her boyfriend were shot by the Police Officer. She said that she hears him while he was begging for Police.

He requested them to carry him to a hospital. His condition was critical, but they did not listen to him. They used to go away without listening to his request.

Marcellis was left on the ground while he was still breathing and asking for help. She said she had pushed away from him. She said that they put a blanket on him. 

The attorney representative said that Antonio Romanucci noted that they were shot by the White Police Officer because of their race. Being black is their crime. That is the reason for their shot.

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