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Twitter Now Allows You To Share Tweets In Instagram Stories

Twitter now allows you to share tweets in Instagram Stories: this is how you can do it. When you select the message, you must click on the share button to hit ‘Instagram Stories’, in this way, the tweets are shared directly. This is what you have to do to untag yourself from a post on Twitter.

Are you tired of taking screenshots of your tweets and then publishing them on other social networks? Whoever has the iOS operating system is in luck, because the latest version of Twitter has been updated so that users can start sharing their tweets on Instagram stories quickly and efficiently.

Twitter launches a weather news service
The function will be available through the share icon that is located below any message that is published on said social network. When it has been clicked, you will have to select ‘ Instagram Stories ‘ from the list of applications, once this step is done, you will be able to adjust the size, position and decorate the text with stickers or music from Instagram. These are very simple indications that do not require much complication.

This update is much faster than the process of taking a screenshot to the tweet, editing the photo to fit it outside of Instagram and making it public. However, the function is more viable in messages that are pure text with an accompanying image , since the first errors have occurred when sharing a video because the image was frozen.

It is important to note that users who see the tweet from Instagram stories will not be able to click on it to access the content of the message on Twitter, that is, it will be interactive for those who see it.

Is it possible to share Instagram content on Twitter?
Users requesting verification must be entered into a category.

Twitter reactivates profile verification
Unfortunately we must tell you that no, the process of posting an Instagram link on Twitter is still void. The reason is because the content still appears as a URL without a preview of the post.

When will it be available?
This new function will gradually reach iOS mobile users . At the moment, tests are being carried out on some users of this Apple operating system.

On the other hand, Android users cannot yet access this function and the date of when it could become available is unknown.

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