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latin america defences

Trump and Bolsonaro break Latin America Defenses

The chance of spread of coronavirus is increased by meeting between Brazilian counterpart,

Bolsonaro and President Donald Trump which take place on 7 March.

They met at dinner at Mar-a-Lego. Bolsonaro already canceled the trips to Poland, Italy, and Hungry due to the coronavirus pandemic to reduce coronavirus disease risk.

Brazil’s health ministers already suggest he stay at home and do not visit Florida, and coronavirus is spread worldwide widely.

There is always a chance of spread of disease because coronavirus can spread from one person to another person through aerosol as there is not yet any drug or vaccine available that could cure the disease.

So staying at home is the best possible way of saving from the coronavirus.

When Bolsonaro returned from Brazil, twenty-two people were tested positive for coronavirus, which is present in Bolsonaro delegation.

So it seems that he is responsible for the spreading of coronavirus disease as he came from outside Brazil; thus, there is a possibility that the disease is spread and transfer from him.

Advisors were told by Bolsonaro to use an anti-malarial drug, which is hydroxychloroquine, for the treatment of coronavirus as no drug and vaccine is available for curing coronavirus disease.

According to him, anti-malarial hydrochloroquinine may help treat the condition. Donald Trump also said that it is the best remedy for the treatment of coronavirus.

Donald Trump talks about the dinner with Bolsonaro, and he said that it was a beautiful time to spend with him, and he is happy to meet Bolsonaro.

He said that life is very familiar in Mar-a-Lago, and there is no lousy condition over there. He said that every disease could be treated and cured.

He said that for the treatment of coronavirus, the malarial drug hydroxychloroquine is the best for treating this disease.

Anyone who can use it will be treated as the health minister denied his suggestion on the use of the malarial drug as medical treatment of the disease because no prescription is specifically available for the treatment of illness.

Bolsonaro fired the health minister for rejecting his idea of hydrochloroquinine as a medicine for the treatment of the disease.

The meeting and dinner between President Donald Trump and Bolsonaro become very famous. It is said that the dinner between them could be the possible cause of the spread of coronavirus disease.

Donald Trump said that it was an excellent time to spend with the Bolsonaro.

Both presidents have dinner, and they discuss an ideological campaign that would help respond to the COVID-19.

These two presidents Donald Trump and Bolsonaro, attacked PAHO-Pan-American Health Organization, one of the international level’s best agencies.

They said that this agency is not capable of finding any cure and treatment for coronavirus. Even Donald Trump bankrupted the agency.

He withholds all the funding that he may have to give them at such an alarming time of the outbreak of coronavirus disease

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