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They Warn Of The New Tiktok Challenge That Can Cause Heart Failure

Social media experts have warned of the danger of a new viral challenge that has become fashionable on the short video platform TikTok : it consists of swallowing dry protein powders and then rinsing with water.

Under the hashtag #DryScooping more than eight million ‘likes’ have been accumulated on TikTok, and a case of a heart attack has already been reported in a person who carried out the challenge.

As the Mirror reports , doctors warn that this practice can cause pulmonary and heart seizures , and is potentially fatal for children.

Nelson Chow , a pediatric student at Princeton University in the United States, presents a study on this Saturday. Speaking to the Mirror, he said: “Dry extraction, a particularly risky consumption method, involves putting undiluted powder in your mouth followed by sips of liquid.”

“Highly concentrated dust can cause suffocation, accidental inhalation, overconsumption injury and death, ” adds Chow.

“Despite being labeled 18+, pre-workout protein compounds have become increasingly popular with teens, ” says the doctor.

“Taken before exercise, pre-workout preparations are advertised to enhance athletic performance and increase energy and focus. Typically, they are sold in powder form, intended to be combined with water and consumed as a beverage,” he explains.

These products often contain high concentrations of caffeine mixed with substances like Beta-Alanine, L-Citrulline, and BCAAs . Chow said, “Several of these products have been banned for containing substances like DMAA and synephrine.”

A heart attack
Briatney Portillo , a social media influencer , revealed that she suffered a heart attack after trying this TikTok challenge.

Portillo told BuzzFeed: “After taking it, I started to get tingling and itching all over my body, which was not a good feeling, but I googled it and read that it was a normal side effect. So I started doing my training. .

“I started to feel a heavy feeling in my chest and a slight pain, but it wasn’t too bad. I thought maybe it was anxiety or a strong panic attack , so I decided to ignore it and go ahead with my training,” he said.

“I realized I had to call 911 when the pain in my chest got worse and my left side felt a little dead. I was also sweating profusely,” he explained.

“I just want people to be careful what they consume. The fact that you see it online, even if influencers do it, does not mean that it is safe, ” he concludes.

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