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A Pissed-Off Tenant Publishes His Rental Ad

Finding a rental apartment at a reasonable price, in good condition and without asking the potential tenant for a thousand and one conditions and documents is a complicated task. That surely led a user of MarketPlace, Facebook’s classified ads section , to post an ironic and vindictive ad.

The ad looks like any of those that offer flats for rent, if it weren’t for the scary photo: a bed tucked between two walls without a single centimeter of space on the sides, barely 4 square meters of space.

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The text begins by saying that the price is 550 euros, with electricity and water apart and that children and pets are not accepted.

As if that were not enough, “2 direct family guarantors”, “a guarantor with a salary greater than 2,000 euros”, ” deposit of 950 euros ” and in general, “have MONEY” are requested .

In addition, you have to ” pay 2 months in advance ” and “there is a charge of 50 euros to go see it.” And no extras: ” The sheets and the pillow are not included, it is only decoration for the photo! “.

This ironic and vindictive ad wants to highlight the problem of rent using exaggeration (perhaps not so much).

But there are things that are included in the price: ” It is not necessary to bring depression, or the desire to die “, because these “are delivered to the collection of keys,” says the ad.

At the end is when the author reveals the trick and clarifies that it is not a real advertisement, but pure sarcasm: ” This is what the owners or real estate companies would need to ask for .”

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