Lockdown is started in four Italian regions, including Milan

lackdown in milan

On Wednesday night, Premier Giuseppe Conte said that lockdown is necessary to start in Italy’s regions under such a bad condition. Lockdown is formed in the four areas of Italy, including Milan.

It said that people have to stay at home as coronavirus cases are increased day by day. As we already knew that the coronavirus is a fatal virus that badly affects the person.

The whole world is suffering from coronavirus. Coronavirus spread from one person to another through aerosol; thus, lockdown will help reduce the virus’s spread.

On Friday, the restriction will be beginning in the Lombardy, Piedmont, and Valle d’Aosta in the north to avoid the spread of disease.

Due to the current situation, hospitals are fully occupied by the patients as coronavirus cases are increased day by day. 

Thus lockdown is started to prevent the chance of an increase in the cases of the coronavirus. According to the reports, it is said that 60 million people were suffered from the coronavirus in Milan.

16.5 million cases were reported in Italy in the last two weekly updates. It is restricted to enter or leave the red zone area in such an alarming situation.

It is to stay at home and maintain social distance. It is said not to leave the house except when you want to go outside for some essential work, go to the shop, and go for work.

It is said that always wear the mask when you move outside of the house and wear a mask when you go for exercise.

After the days of consultations with the region’s governors, Health Minister Speranza decided and marked the area as a red zone with more cases of coronavirus.

He said that it is a difficult time for us as we are facing the lockdown. The virus is contagious so that it can spread from one person to another through social gatherings.

He said we will be united and will stay at home to avoid the spread of disease. The non-essential shop will be closed down in the red zone in such a bad condition, and only essential shops will stay open.

On Souther Sicily and Puglia, restrictions are made on the movement of people. He said that people would not be allowed to move to other towns, café, and restaurants.

Traveling will be restricted, and people will not be allowed to move outside of the city. 

In the rest of Italy, classrooms remain open for educational purposes in such an alarming situation.

On Thursday, it is supposed to start a crackdown. He said that designation for the red zone would be decided after every week. Museum closure and an overnight curfew will be activated Friday and end on 3 December.

Essential measures will be taken to reduce the chance of the spread of disease. At the end of the week, the government will provide funds for prevention in the virus’s space.

The virus is contagious and spread from one place to another by touching, sneezing, and coughing.

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