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Wedding Anxieties: Coping With Concerns Over Your Big Day

There is no doubt that planning a wedding is stressful. Picking out the perfect venue, décor, guest list, the dress…and that’s before even considering the food you will provide guests for the evening. Engaged couples now have the added issue of COVID-19 and the regulations it involves. For those who plan to have a wedding anytime soon, the event might not be exactly what you had in mind.

With this said, finding ways to help relieve some of the wedding anxiety you and your partner are feeling is vital. Now, with the added burden of COVID-19, Redworth Hall and Old Ship have teamed up to reveal some of the most common wedding anxieties and how you can deal with them.

Weddings with a COVID-19 twist

As previously mentioned, planning a wedding does not come stress-free. There are multiple different aspects to perfect all in time for one specific day. Now that the pandemic has added some extra guidelines that our weddings must adhere to, this is yet another concern for couples to stress over.

For those that planned a wedding to take place in November, the second lockdown left many with no choice but to replan for a later date. This has understandably caused many couples a lot of upset and anxiety at the thought of having to change every aspect of their big day to a different time.

The matter of how many people can attend is also a concern. You might have had an extensive number of people on the guest list, but with the maximum number of attendees changing to match with guidelines, some might have to be removed. Or, alternatively, delayed to a date where there are no restrictions on the number of guests allowed to attend ceremonies.

You also have to consider the social distancing precautions that need to be followed. No-one wants to have a simple misunderstanding of the rules ruin their big day, and ensuring you follow them at all times can be overwhelming and stressful.

The wedding walk and social anxiety

Although walking down the aisle is a dream that many people have had since they were a child, for some this can trigger feelings of anxiety. Being centre of attention and having all eyes on you isn’t for everyone, and for some this mental block can cause a lot of stress. For those who suffer social anxiety disorder and feel this is likely to be triggered whilst walking down the aisle, there are techniques you can practise to help you cope with this before the big day.

Take a break from organising the wedding to make time for the usual routines and practises you do to help deal with your everyday anxieties.

Other than this, rehearsing the big day beforehand will give you a taste of what the real event will be like. This will help you feel more comfortable with the venue and not be as overwhelmed. As for techniques to try whilst practising your big day, focus on making eye contact with your partner, not the guests around you. That way, you can ease some of the anxiety around having all eyes on you.

Your diet can also be a trigger for anxiety too. So, try and cut out any high-sugar or caffeine-fuelled drinks on the day of your wedding.

Financial fears

Probably one of the biggest concerns for many people is the financial aspect of a wedding. It’s no secret that weddings are expensive, so setting a budget is key for ensuring an unnecessary amount of money isn’t spent on the ceremony.

If the price tag of your wedding is causing you to lose sleep at night, it’s important to remember that your wedding is for you and your partner—not a fancy display for the guests. So, if you don’t want something, then don’t buy it.

Dividing your budget into the different attributes of your wedding will help organise your finances. That way, you have greater control over where your budget is going and how much you plan to spend on each part—leaving no nasty surprises when it comes to calculating the final cost.

Although sticking to your budget and only buying what you can afford is key, don’t settle for anything less. Whether your partner wants a countryside wedding or a city centre wedding venue, then find a way to make this happen!

Organisational worries

Weddings take a lot of time, effort, and patience. And finding the time to organise everything can trigger a lot of anxiety.

To help cope with this, create a timetable and a checklist of things to do on each day. This will ensure that everything gets done and on the days you need them to be. It will also mean you can work your wedding planning around your everyday life too. Your hobbies and routine shouldn’t stop just because you’re planning a wedding. Find time for some you time!

What should I do to relieve my wedding worries?

Although you have no control over the effects the pandemic has on your wedding, you do have control over how you respond to the situation.

It’s important through this time that you and your partner solve the issue together, rather than separately. When you suffer from anxiety, it’s common to isolate from those around you. However, don’t give in to these negative emotions and accept the support and advice those around you are giving.

Remember, you’re not alone. There are many couples that are dealing with the same situation as you due to the pandemic, so reaching out to couples who are feeling the same via social media groups can help provide a supportive circle. It is also a great way to offer and receive advice on how to deal with the stress of reorganising your wedding. 

Whether your wedding day has been delayed due to the pandemic, or the organisation is causing you anxiety, it is vital you put things into perspective. Although right now you are experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety, think about 10 years from now. Your wedding is one day, but the commitment you and your partner make to each other is forever.

Although your wedding day might be the only thing you can think about, find distractions from this. Whether this be through sport, cooking, art, or even watching a TV show that makes you laugh, these are all healthy outlets to relieve stress and anxiety.

Rather than be consumed by the aesthetics of the day, think about what it actually symbolises. Since in the end, that’s all that matters. Although weddings do entail some level of stress regardless of a pandemic, it is important that you find ways to deal with this rather than pushing your feelings aside.


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