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Canarian Government Returns Their Children To Five Women Who Arrived In A Boat

The delivery of the little ones to their mothers takes place in a reception center in the city of Puerto del Rosario

The General Directorate of Child Protection of the Canary Islands Government has returned their children to five women who arrived in a boat to Fuerteventura in recent weeks after receiving the DNA tests that prove their relationship from the Police and the Prosecutors Office as confirmed to Efe the Ministry of Social Rights

The measure of the Prosecutors Office was criticized by the Government of the Canary Islands which considered that the separation violated the rights of children and has even led to the opening of an investigation by the Ombudsman who in his report last year signed that it be considered to these minors at risk until their affiliation is proven but applying other types of precautions

Shortly before 600 pm the Puerto del Rosario juvenile center began to receive the first smiles and hugs it was the anticipation of a happy afternoon full of emotion for five women who in recent weeks have dragged the nightmare to see how they were separated from their children as soon as they arrived in Fuerteventura by boat waiting for what a laboratory would say

Im finally going to eat and sleep all night says Mariame Diomandé minutes after meeting her twoyearold daughter Saly who had been separated shortly after her boat arrived on the island last August

Mariame and Saly write a new chapter in their history in Spain this Thursday after a year and seven months ago the two left Abidjan the capital of the Ivory Coast for Europe

The young woman left her two older children aged six and ten behind and began the migration route in search of opportunities for the little girl and a job on the other side of the border that would allow her to send some money with which to put something in the pantry of his house in Ivory Coast

Marissa Camara does not stop repeating that she is happy Her fiveyearold daughter Nathalie hides her smile under her mask although her eyes show happiness She is not separated from her mother while she claims to be very happy and grateful for being able to meet the little girl again

The young woman an International Relations student in Guinea Conakry fled her country to avoid having the little girl ablated Now I hope that my daughter can have an education and study as I have done I have come here just to have education he insists

Aissa Didla had to separate from her eldest son aged nine shortly after her patera arrived in Fuerteventura on September 26 while the eightmonthold boy was allowed to stay with her and spend the quarantine on a ship industrial

The woman smiles and timidly thanks those who have taken care of her oldest son for the past two weeks She also responds to the plans she has in Spain which from now on are to give her children the education that she could not receive

Beside him his son Tidiane clings to his backpack without detaching himself from his mother Surprised he looks at the camera while responding that he is very happy and also admits that he has missed his mother and little brother a lot

Tonight Aissa will be able to sleep peacefully with her two children The rest of the mothers also assure that they will turn off the light in their room and sleep happily at the Red Cross home because some of them have been daydreaming about this day for almost two months

Before getting into the organizations van which will take them to their new home they repeat the word thank you again this time they say it is for the media that have told their story

Two more children will still sleep in the center as DNA tests have confirmed that the children were traveling with a relative Although the last papers will still have to be processed the reunion explains from the juvenile center that it will be soon

The Secretary of State for Migration has made several centers available to facilitate the possibility that the families of migrants who are arriving with minors on the coasts of the Canary Islands wait together for the relevant DNA results

These are three centers in Gran Canaria with trained and specialized personnel whose places will be available this Saturday according to sources from the department

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