He sends a blue heart to his mother on WhatsApp

A user of social networks has gone viral thanks to the conversation he had with his mother through WhatsApp .

Although the conversation between the relatives begins – or ends, for them – with a simple “thank you very much” and a blue heart from him, the response of his mother, unimaginable for the young man, is not wasted.

A boy puts his cat in the mixer.

“What does the blue heart mean?” she asks, annoyed. His son is more puzzled, who does not understand the question. “What does it mean, what does it mean?” He replies.

So she explains, “The red one, love. And the blue one?” , question again.

Given the simplicity of her son’s response – “I like the color blue” – the woman is unconvinced, so she uses Google . This is where you find the answer to your question.

The boy, perhaps overwhelmed by what he is experiencing, only manages to say “Mom?” .

A conversation that has been very funny on social networks, which have already made the tweet one of the most viral in recent days . In fact, it has accumulated a whopping 35,000 ‘likes’ so far.

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