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Ranking Of The Most Popular Mother Influencers On Social Networks

It is becoming more and more common to share motherhood on social networks, something that brings with it a great participation and interest on the part of followers, who see in the influencers a support and a community in which to share doubts about this stage.

In addition, in influencer marketing, brands see in this type of profiles an opportunity to publicize new products related to motherhood that, in general, are very well received.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the agency specializing in influencer marketing SamyRoad has drawn up a ranking of the most popular mother influencers on social networks. For the study, it has used its famous algorithm, identifying the level of interactions that each profile generates among its audience and has done so by analyzing a million accounts on Instagram.

Top 5 influencers moms
Maria Garcia de Jaime (@mariagdejaime)
María is one of the youngest moms of the moment. Just a few weeks ago, at the age of 25, she gave birth to her second daughter, Catalina. Now, they become 5 at home together with her husband Tomás, her eldest son Tomi and their dog Pluto.

Total followers on Instagram: + 437,000

Maria Hernandez Alcala (@mariahalcala)
María is a nutrition specialist, who together with her mother “Eleni” are known for her Futurlife 21 account where they help her followers to have a healthy and rich diet. In addition, he has two children: Lucas and Gonzalo.

Total followers on Instagram: + 63,500

Maria Pombo (@mariapombo)
María is one of the best known influencers in our country. In January, his son Martín was born, who has all his followers in love.

Total followers on Instagram: + 1.9 m

Natalia Sánchez (@natasanchezmol)
Natalia is a Spanish actress who became known for her role in the well-known series Los Serrano. He currently has two children with his partner Marc Clotet.

Total followers on Instagram: + 431,000

Dana and Maribe (@ elmundodemia8)
Dana and Maribe have created the Bichete family. Mother and daughter share their day to day with their followers where the third protagonist is little Mia.

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