Telework Doubles In The Basque Country To 12%

Telework doubles in the Basque Country to 12%.The use of social networks for business purposes breaks out strongly in Industry 4.0 with 51.5%. The percentage rises to 70% in companies with 10 and more employees.

Teleworking has doubled in the Basque Country in the last year and now reaches 12% of the staff who work outside the company at least a third of their working hours on a regular basis.

The Basque Institute of Statistics, Eustat, has announced this increase, caused by the changes that the pandemic has brought about . He highlighted that in 2021 12% of workers use telematic networks regularly outside their workplace to carry out their work, compared to 5.4% in 2020.

An outstanding fact of the digital transformation of companies is that 51.5% of establishments use social networks for business purposes.

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of being on the Internet through a website. Thus, in the last year, those present on the network account for 53% of the total, while in companies with 10 or more people employed this figure rises to 92.5%.

Regarding the languages ​​in which it can be accessed, Spanish stands out, in 98.9% of the cases, Basque in 42.5%, English in 30.6% and other languages ​​in 13.0% .

Regarding the systems that companies have, currently 94.2% have a computer , 90.8% use email , 92.6% have internet access and 94.9% use a mobile phone .

Fiber optic connection is the fastest growing form of access, while ADSL continues its decline.

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