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6 Signs That Reveal If You Need A New Website

Sometimes it is the case that your website is outdated and does not meet the objectives or purpose that you have set for your business, so it could be something detrimental to your company.

It is therefore necessary that you keep your site updated . Likewise, you must make sure that it transmits the message you want to show your customers, since the success of your business will depend on that. In this article we will give you 6 signals that will help you identify if your website needs a touch-up or a total rebuild .

Your current website is not mobile-friendly
You may not know it, but the traffic that a mobile website has is more than half of all the visits that are achieved in the world . As long as your site is not mobile friendly, you are going to lose a lot of potential visitors.

If the case is that you are going to start from scratch, a recommendation is that you start with mobile web design first, because the participation of people in these devices will increase more in the future.

Also, making sure your website is mobile friendly is crucial if you want to rank in search engines. There is no SEO without a website that works well on mobile. Google confirmed a few months ago that the mobile version of a website is the version to which its algorithm pays the most attention. Mobile indexing matters a lot!

To verify if your website is mobile friendly you can do 3 things: you can simply browse your website from a mobile phone, you can use the inspection option in your browser or use Google’s mobile-friendly test , which tells you directly if your website it is navigable on mobile devices or not.

Your design or website template is out of date
If the design of your site has not been updated in the last year, it is most likely that it may seem somewhat outdated, since new things are emerging every day. As the saying goes, people judge a book by its cover.

That is why, if your site does not have a good image, either on computers or mobile devices, customers will leave it. The design is not only about having a good appearance of the site, but that people can feel good when using it, and, very important, that you can also edit it comfortably .

When you have a template that is discontinued, bugs tend to appear more and more frequently for both the user and the publisher. If this is a problem, check the date the template was last updated and if you have the latest version installed . If you don’t have the ability to troubleshoot your template because the vendor discontinued it, it may be time to try a new one. A design that has a high quality will generate greater credibility and trust .

For this reason, it is very important that you invest in having a web design that is as professional as possible. Your content has to stand out and shine. Thanks to this it will be a pleasure to use that page.

It no longer suits your business model (because it changed) When you are going to make a change in your company, such as introducing a new logo, changing the name or even the business model (accepting new payment methods or offering home delivery, for example), you have to make sure that these changes are reflected in your Web page.

There are some changes that can be easily made, such as a simple style change. However, there are others that will require a complete change in how your website looks and works. Every time you make important changes to your business, remember to visit your website and ask yourself if the digital version of the business aligns with the new objectives.

Your website is very slow despite being optimized
Nowadays people have gotten used to getting what they want when they want it and your business cannot be the exception. But what does that mean? That sites that have excessive loading times will contribute to higher bounce rates.

The most practical way to check the speed of your website is by using Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights , a tool that gives you details of your website’s load times and tells you exactly how to improve them.

Most of the time, changes and corrections can be made without the need to redesign the website, but the real reasons why your website is slow may be more complicated than simply having very large images, which usually requires a restructuring in the code of your website.

Your website has repetitive technical errors
Each error that a website has can be adopted in different ways and can be found anywhere. For example, there are the errors that you can correct yourself, those that are more linked to the design and functionality that we discussed previously, which could include things like the fields that your contact form has are not aligned.

But, on the other hand, there are those technical errors that are a little more complicated to correct and that do not depend so much on you, but on your hosting or web domain.

These errors are generally identifiable when your website is constantly crashing or completely shutting down or showing as “under maintenance” for no reason. If these signals sound familiar to you, then you may not have to redesign your website, but you need to move from a web host.

In this guide on aspects to assess when choosing a web host you can learn everything you need to know about hosting and web domains, in order to prevent your website from being interrupted for reasons that can be avoided.

It is not aligned with your marketing strategy
It is necessary that your website is always prepared for any changes that are thrown and any marketing opportunities that arise, as this will be meeting the marketing demands that currently exist. If you see that this is not the case, it is the best time for you to create a site that is focused on marketing.

It goes without saying how important this tends to be for most businesses, and more so for those e-commerce businesses. Among the most important aspects of web marketing are SEO, content marketing, customer service and advertising.

On the one hand, SEO, or search engine optimization, is a set of characteristics that dictate how a website will appear in the different results when a user searches for a certain term. In our SEO and positioning section you will find much more information about it.

Content marketing, which goes hand in hand with SEO, clearly refers to the quality of the content that is published on the web, and in turn, that this content is aligned with the objectives of the company. We also have a content marketing section with more information.

Web customer service is another fundamental part. This simply refers to answering questions the customer may have and guiding them through the completion of the purchase. Some easy-to-install options are chatbots, live chats, or knowledge bases.

Again, if you have a few mistakes here and there when it comes to marketing, perhaps they can be corrected, but if they are repetitive and numerous (such as having hundreds of pages that do not add value to the web), it is better that you consider starting a new website from 0.

A new website brings good things
There are many signs and reasons that help you determine whether or not you need a new website. However, before you start with this whole process, you need to analyze your data, do some research and plan what the new design is going to look like in a careful way.

If some of the above points are applied to your website, it is time to start making changes so that you have your new site and so your business can be at the forefront.

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