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Influencer Marketing Is Increasingly Determining To Influence Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Up to 59% of eCommerces plan their marketing with the help of influencers, while 51% say that they attract customers more effectively with the help of viral campaigns with influencers.

In 2020, the crisis caused by the coronavirus drove the use of social networks and online purchases. While investment in traditional advertising declined, many brands began collaborating with influencers, as they were able to quickly adjust their content and message to stay relevant to their followers, even from home.

Faced with this scenario, brands have spent about 202 million euros on influencer marketing , according to Bloomberg. In fact, influencer marketing has been rated the fastest growing online customer acquisition channel , outperforming organic search, paid search, and email marketing.

On the other hand, consumers have been changing their interests over time. 50% of users make a purchase taking into account everything they see on digital media , such as social networks; While 92% of people are willing to trust personal recommendations on brands even if they do not know who the person is making the recommendation, according to a study by the Tomoson platform.

This change in user and consumer habits has made collaborating with influencers in the online world a key tactic to expand the reach of a campaign. From NeoAttack they explain to us the importance of influencer marketing to consolidate your online strategy.

Influencers generate greater trust
Influencers typically become so because they are extraordinarily adept at managing huge communities and attracting audiences. For this reason, they have a great magnetism to attract profiles of potential clients: the fact that they are everyday people, and not celebrities, allows users to feel even more identified. According to postcron, 66% of people trust the opinions posted on social networks by other users much more.

Creative content increases conversions
Thanks to the increase in programs that are responsible for blocking ads, it becomes more complex to reach customers through online advertising: a percentage of 47% of people who buy through the web use ad blockers , according to figures by Tomoson.

Therefore, it is much more effective to reach users through other people’s content. Thanks to the creativity and emotional connection that influencers develop with the audience, users end up trusting them. The closer the influencer is to the values ​​and philosophy of your brand, the more involved they will be with the cause and, in turn, the degree of connection with their followers will be greater. This will directly result in the return and in the conversion of the action.

They will help you improve your brand reputation
Influencer marketing has changed and it is no longer enough to hire a talent and create advertising content for their community, since in this way authenticity is lost. The goal, as a brand, is to get true followers of your products. For this reason, advocacy marketing is used , where a long-term relationship is established with the influencer , who becomes a true defender of the brand and transmits quality recommendations to their community, that is, valuable content.

Instagram, Facebook or YouTube?
The main social network is Instagram. It is a social network that meets all the requirements for influencer marketing to work: naturalness, authenticity and closeness. Therefore, 79% of influencer campaigns are carried out in it. Now, to be able to locate the correct influencer, it must be taken into account that not all profiles fit with the brands, the business philosophy and the values, therefore, an effective sweep must be done to choose the best profile that resembles to the business values ​​and the objectives to be achieved. It is also necessary to seek mutual benefit.

For the collaboration agreement to be really effective, it is necessary to find influencers who provide benefits to your company, but also receive benefits from you, in such a way that a truly fruitful relationship is established. According to Tomoson, up to 59% of eCommerces plan their marketing with the help of influencers, while 51% say that they attract customers more effectively with the help of viral campaigns with influencers. With good planning, a successful campaign with influencers can be carried out, which can make the difference between the success or failure of our company in a world as competitive as online.

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