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Anabel Pantoja Surprises Omar Sánchez For His 30th Birthday

Omar Sánchez celebrates his 30th birthday accompanied by his most loved ones, among them his fiancee, Anabel Pantoja , who has wanted the canary to enjoy his day from the first minute with several surprises and gifts that he has prepared during the early hours of this Sunday .

The Sevillian has given him a nice case for his mobile with a photo of both in Honduras during his participation in Survivors on a pink background with the image of a map drawn. “With you until the end of the world,” read the ex-contestant visibly excited about the detail of his girl, collects the magazine Semana .

Shortly after, Isabel Pantoja’s niece has shown her future husband’s reaction when, when lying down in bed, she noticed a strange object under the pillow. Picking it up, he found a package wrapped in blue paper. “Is there a gift here?” He asked Anabel, unable to contain a smile. “The Tooth Fairy, right?” , she answered jokingly, to which the canary, touching his teeth, said “the tooth has not fallen out, right?”.

Very excited, Omar has begun to unwrap the gift, which contained an old desire of his: an Apple Watch . “Really? The watch?” He wondered incredulously. “The watch I wanted!” , has pointed very excited trying to open the box.

Anabel also wanted to congratulate him through his social networks by posting several images recalling some of the best moments they have lived together , including that of their first trip. “18,590 moments, which one? Happy Black Life. PS: first photo, our first trip together by plane,” he wrote next to the photos.

The couple enjoy these summer months in the Canary Islands, where they have made a home. There they will wait for the month of September to arrive to say ‘yes, I want’ , in an intimate link, as confirmed by the collaborator of Save me by ensuring that she will not marry “in style.”

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