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Where To See Broncano’s Interviews In ‘La Resistencia’ On The Internet

La Resistencia is the most popular program on Movistar +, both for the platform’s clients and for those who do not have a subscription, who followed David Broncano’s interviewsthrough the videos that the program posted on YouTube. The bargain, however, is over.

The Resistance no longer hangs the interviews on the famous video platform. From now on, to watch the program you must be a Movistar + subscriber through any of its modalities.

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Movistar +, yes, has launched a special offer to attract new customers through Movistar + Lite, the simplified version of the platform that can be contracted independently, without having contracted other services from the operator.

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How to see Broncano’s interviews in ‘La Resistencia’ on the Internet ?: Movistar + no longer posts them on YouTube
Movistar + Lite can be contracted for only one euro cent until October 31. Afterwards, the service will return to the usual 8 euros. The withdrawal is free and there is no commitment to stay. The service allows two simultaneous reproductions and gives access to channels such as # 0, #Vamos, Movistar Series, AMC, Comedy Central, FOX, TNT, TCM, DIsney, etc.

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