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Twitter Launches Twitter For Creatives, A New Training Program For Creative Agencies

On Twitter, creativity is key to carry out campaigns with impact. That is why they have launched Twitter for Creatives, a new free training program that aims to inspire creative agency professionals to be relevant on Twitter through creativity.

The contents of this training are focused on meeting and solving the needs of these professionals, from the acquisition of essential knowledge about the different tools of the platform, to more technical questions about the creative capacities of the API in the application of campaigns. The initiative was born from the Twitter Spain team, where the first pilot phase was carried out with the agencies Ogilvy, Shackleton and BBDO / Proximity.

With the aim of replicating the training in other markets globally, another pilot has also been carried out in Canada. After the success of this first phase in both countries, more training sessions will begin in our country and in other global markets that will be led from here.

“With this new training program we want to provide the necessary tools, knowledge and inspiration so that agencies can get the most out of their Twitter campaigns from a creative point of view. Leading this global project is proof that in Spain we are committed to creativity as a key element for success and that here there are very good campaigns on Twitter “, says Joaquín Vela, Global Lead of Twitter for Creatives in Twitter Spain.

Elvis Santos, CEO of Shackleton, comments: “Our profession is exciting for many things, among others, because it changes at a speed never seen before. It is up to us not to stay a meter behind and take advantage of all the options we have to get closer to the consumers.

Social networks and Twitter in particular are fundamental in any communication and business strategy. Being able to have the opportunity to receive continuous training sessions is key for us as an agency and, judging by the results we are already seeing, a complete success to generate new ideas and apply new functionalities “. Twitter For Creatives has two formats: a live version (“Twitter Creative Camp”) and an online version.

Twitter Creative Camp is a session of two and a half hours with expert instructors in online training and is aimed at more strategic profiles such as art directors, senior copywriters, social media managers or planners; while the online format is focused on those profiles who want to carry out training at their own pace and on demand on Twitter Flight School, Twitter’s free e-learning platform. In both formats, participants will earn their certification upon completion of the training.

The training consists of several modules in which the contents are a mixture of theory, examples of real campaigns carried out on Twitter (explained by the people who carried them out) and practical exercises to put into practice everything learned in the theoretical sessions.

At the end of the course, participants will have a broader knowledge of the possibilities offered by the different formats and Twitter tools at a creative level, as well as the necessary resources to create relevant content making the most of it, not only the voice of the brand on Twitter, also those more technical aspects of the platform. This new training completes the Twitter training offer for agencies, expanding the content to more creative profiles.

Until now, Twitter had the Twitter Flight School program, a training focused on more technical profiles, mainly for media agencies, and whose contents are aimed at advertising formats. If you are a creative agency and want more information about this new training program, contact the Twitter Spain agency team.

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