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Negative Online Reputation A Problem For Employers And Employees

The latest report on social networks and employment prepared by Infojobs concludes that more than half of companies (55%) consult the social networks of candidates before hiring them.

In addition to these platforms, companies search “and find” everything there is about people on the Internet, from economic or tax information to judicial or professional relationships. “And not just the one that can be seen publicly. They also consult private databases that store information of all kinds about us ”.

This is explained in an interview by Alejandro Castellano, co-founder, CMO and Sales Officer of RepScan , a startup that offers identification, documentation and elimination of unwanted content that exists on the Internet about a person; information that, according to the entrepreneur, can damage his professional reputation.

“The consequences are very serious. Not only are they discarded from the selection processes, but they are also fired if that information reaches the company after they have been hired, “he says.

Although it is not only the employees who suffer from this problem. Castellano assures that there are many entrepreneurs who hire the services of the startup since due to the bad reputation online “they must begin their professional relationships by giving explanations” or directly, they cannot apply for managerial positions.

“A negative online reputation can destroy the careers of employees and employers,” says the Repscan co-founder.

Eliminate and improve online reputation
Specifically, this startup offers services to improve this online reputation, both of professionals in particular, and of people in general. Among them, RepScan Alert stands out, a service that monitors everything that is said on the internet about someone and generates an alert when it detects something that negatively affects their online reputation, “at that moment the client can decide whether or not they want to eliminate the content ”, explains Castellano.

In this sense, the startup deletes all kinds of content, from false information to photos, videos or personal data; from search engines, social networks, websites or review platforms; among others. In addition to detecting and eliminating the bad, RepScan also has a service that does the opposite: generate content that improves the digital image.

All this through its own technology that allows the automatic generation of the necessary legal documentation for each of the platforms and countries and launches the processes of erasure and content generation quickly, economically and completely online.

“It is a solution that is light years away from the traditional way, much slower and more complex. The usual thing was to find a lawyer specialized in these issues (something really difficult) to explain the case and wait. Lawyers do not have the technology that we have and, therefore, they do everything manually and with times infinitely greater than ours.

And, obviously, at stratospheric prices ”, explains the co-founder, who assures that in addition to having an impact on employment, this digital footprint can also be decisive when it comes to obtaining a loan, a visa or attracting clients.

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