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Child Abuse After The Use Of Children’s Image To Sell On Instagram

Instagram is full of diverse profiles and, without a doubt, characters of all kinds triumph in them. Many of them are from women who are mothers and who, taking advantage of the fact that a mother uses all kinds of products for her children, find in their advertising a high source of income and, at the same time, fun, since they only need to record themselves themselves, talk about the product and invoice. Of course, knowing how to handle yourself in the networks par excellence for this that is Instagram, especially in the stories.

Within this group of influential mothers there are two types : those who use their children showing their faces before tens of thousands of followers and those who talk about them, even bring out their voices, but never their faces, thus protecting their privacy.

We are going to focus on the case of the former, in which the children are taken out at all hours, showing everyone the intimacy of their lives. What will happen to them in the future? Will it take a toll on them? Do you wonder by what right your parents showed their intimacy day after day?

Manuel Hernández is a psychologist specialized in childhood trauma and the author of several books such as Attachment and Psychopathology and Attachment, dissociation and trauma .He is quite clear in his opinion about taking your children out on social networks when you are a person with tens of thousands of followers and that, in addition, you do it to get an economic return.

“There is a lot of talk about childhood trauma and attachment, since we cannot understand one without the other. Childhood is a stage of great vulnerability and requires the presence of responsible adults to help the child mature and develop in an appropriate way.

When in childhood some person with more power takes advantage of the weakness of the minor, then we speak of the trauma of abuse. And it is the most difficult to overcome. Since the attachment figures are the ones that should protect the minor, when this abuse occurs the brain activates two emotional circuits that are incompatible: that of connection and that of defense.

The people we’ve trusted betray us
This consists in the fact that the people we have trusted betray us : “When that child reaches adolescence there will be biological changes with sexuality, which will make them have the capacity for critical judgment and reflection and to draw their own conclusions. That is, if during childhood you had to trust and believe that what caregivers did was for your good when you reach adolescence, you may realize that you have been used, and you will start a fight against your parents and against yourself. ”.

It is not a new phenomenon, as it has been happening in the entertainment industry for decades . Who does not remember child prodigies like Joselito or Marisol? These child prodigies, explains the expert, “in their childhood they will do what their parents ask of them and they can even feel very proud of it, but this will force them to an excessively rapid maturation of their brain and the loss of their childhood.”

“Obviously,” he continues, “these parents are narcissists who use their children to satisfy their feelings of failure or of not having succeeded in life, it is as if through their children they achieved fame, money or achievement. attention that they did not have in their childhood. As we all know, money and power is a substitute for affection ”.

When these children reach adolescence and adulthood , according to Hernández, “they will be children with anxiety, personality disorders and highly dysregulated behaviors. And above all a lot of anger towards their parents for that betrayal abuse. They could tell their parents I believed that all this was for my good, but now I am aware that it was only for yours.

Something unbearable for any human being. People who have suffered this type of betrayal abuse in adulthood will not be able to trust anyone, they will feel deep feelings of emptiness and anger that will be very difficult to manage. That is why many of these child prodigies end up with behavior problems, addictions or eating disorders ”.

The relationship with his parents will be one of resentment and will almost certainly be broken the moment the child stops allowing the abuse . “Parents as good narcissists will try to convince their children and relatives that they did everything for the good of the child.

These narcissistic parents no longer related to their children or with a very damaged relationship will try to follow the protagonists of their child’s life, either trying to manipulate them in the present or using and remembering the past as a way of not losing the prominence that their ego needs ”, He concludes.

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