WhatsApp Web Can Now Be Used With The Phone Turned Off

The web version of WhatsApp , until now, could only be used if the account holder’s phone was connected. But now, in one of the new features, it can already be used with the phone turned off.

As published by Gizmodo , cross- device WhatsApp was a feature in beta. If the user is using WhatsApp for desktop, the application will ask us to update and re- link the phone to be able to send and receive messages without keeping the mobile connected.

The new versions of WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for desktop are independent, synchronize the message history without breaking the encryption , and allow you to send new messages or make calls and video calls even if the phone has run out of battery.

However, the new multi- device function still does not allow us to open the same WhatsApp account on different phones.

The phone number is still the account identification and the terminal where WhatsApp is installed is still necessary to link the account on other devices.

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