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The Benefits of SEO

As a business owner, you may be asking yourself if you can just hire a young person to post on Facebook? After all, young people know what they’re doing right?  While we are not denying the tech-centric nature of young people these days, driving traffic and getting your website to the top of Google takes a lot more than simply hiring a social media manager. To stay ahead of competitors in our fast-paced, digital landscape, businesses must adjust their online presence for the purpose of becoming more valuable, visible and available to their target audience.

For many businesses, particularly small businesses, implementing a proper digital marketing strategy can seem like a massive hassle, not to mention overwhelming and complicated. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is of particular importance. To do so, it is absolutely paramount your SEO strategy is up to date, in place and functioning as it should.

The reality is, implementing a practical, innovative SEO strategy can have an incredible effect on the success of your website, and can inherently boost your conversion and lead generation rates – and of course, if you’re feeling overwhelmed you could always turn to a professional SEO service to get you (and your website) into the much revered SERPs.

So, what is SEO? And is it really an important factor in the growth of your business?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is the process of improving the organic visibility of your website on search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. The overall goal of an SEO strategy is to drive high-quality traffic, and depending on your offering, attract new and existing customers to your product and/or service.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO isn’t just about keyword stuffing. You should be focusing on core aspects of your website, such as mobile optimisation, navigability and loading speed as well as your actual content.

As much as your digital marketing and SEO strategy should be customer-centric, it’s also important to remember you should be adhering to the official guidelines of your chosen search engines. A successful SEO strategy anticipates audience intent, understands the type of content they are searching for and would like to see and provides the very best answers with relevancy and authority. Essentially, your SEO strategy should combine thorough customer research with the technical and strategic elements that actively appeal to search engine algorithms.

What are the benefits of SEO?

Did you know ranking at the top of Google can double your click-through rate? This is because users on search engines are looking for a solution. Being at the top of the results essentially means your website has been chosen as the leading authority in resolving whatever conundrum they have.

There are many benefits to consider when it comes to your bespoke SEO strategy. Complicated and tiring at times, the pros of successful search engine optimisation far outweigh the cons. Namely, the two most sought-after benefits of a bespoke SEO strategy is traffic and brand awareness.

  • Drive organic traffic and reach your target audience – Search engine optimisation iscustomer-centric and hyper-targeted. As users are looking for what a website has to offer, organic visibility can drive high-quality traffic to your site without the need for paid advertising or persuasion. By ranking for specific search terms, your website can drive the right kind of traffic which in turn, results in increased conversions and lead generation.
  • Build credibility and improve brand awareness – Did you know 75% of users on Google don’t click past the first page of SERPs? Search engines rank websites using clever algorithms and a combination of on-page and -off-page signals. Most users won’t consider why a website is on the first page, but rather trust search engines explicitly to rank websites in order of relevance and authority in a particular subject. Improving the visibility of your website without a doubt helps businesses build the credibility of their brand, as well as improve brand awareness.

Employing professional SEO services

The true beauty of implementing an SEO strategy is its accessibility. With a little time and effort to understand the basics, any business can attain long-term digital success. However, this also means inexperience and the wrong keywords could result in the wrong kind of traffic.

Getting to the front page of a search engine and claiming that number one spot in the organic search results can only be attributed to the authority a website has. In saying that, your website may have the best design, fresh content and the answer to every question ever typed into Google, but without the technical elements of SEO, all you’ll receive is poor amounts of traffic and a high bounce rate.

If all this sounds overwhelming, you could also look into hiring the help of a professional SEO service from a digital marketing agency.. A professional SEO service understand the ins and outs of search engine algorithms, and often know all the best tips and tricks to get your website into the SERPS (search engine results page). They will also have the ability to select the best possible keywords to target and will be able to drive the right kind of traffic.

How do I find professional SEO services?

Well, search engines of course! Go to your favourite search engine and type in a few keywords, such as professional SEO services or SEO agency near me. Like any other user, you’ll be presented with a list of potential agencies ranked by authority and a number of other factors. At this point, it should be easy enough to narrow down your choices and find an agency that clicks with your own business.

Final thoughts

For many businesses and organisations, a bespoke digital marketing and SEO strategy is absolutely paramount in driving traffic and increasing conversions on your site. Although implementing a property strategy may seem like an unnecessary hassle, ensuring your business has a practical and innovative strategy in place can have an incredible impact on the success of your site. It goes without saying that a successful site is a cornerstone to any successful business strategy.

Of course, if you’re feeling overwhelmed you could always contact your local digital marketing specialists offering professional SEO services. Often boasting a team of talented digital natives, professional SEO services can transform your business strategy, nurture growth and of course, take the stress out of your online strategy.

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