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Smart Homes for a Greener Lifestyle

Adopting a greener lifestyle is the way to go now. Climate change has been causing a whirlwind of natural disasters over the last few years. Take a look at what 2020 alone brought upon this planet – wildfires, flash floods, hurricanes. Apart from the pandemic itself, global warming’s side effects were quite evident in the previous year.

A lot of countries and businesses are switching towards energy smart means of production. Solar and wind power, even hydro-power have started to become the prime means of energy production as a cleaner alternative to coal and oil. Domestic households have also started to do their part and many have made the switch to energy smart products for their homes.

Here are some energy smart products that you can install in your homes if you’re looking to switch to a greener lifestyle:

Smart Lighting

Automated features always add a fancy touch to a home, and plus they save energy in the process and cut down on utility bills overtime. You can control smart lights via a Smart Hub that can control multiple light units, or through mobile apps that you could download onto smartphones and tablets. Some models are even compatible with Voice Assistants.

Smart lights are considered to be energy smart products because they allow users to control their home lighting remotely in order to save energy and some models of smart lights also feature built-in motion sensors, that can automatically turn on or off according to movements around the room. They are also quite great in terms of security to install outdoors in your yard, back alley, patio, etc.

Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs could be a great option for your home. They are compatible with iOS and Android systems, and various other smart devices like Smart Hubs and Voice Assistants.

Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostats are one of the greatest smart home products to have in your home. They connect to  home Wi-Fi and feature mobile applications that allow users to check their thermostat status and control it remotely as well. It makes it easier to turn a thermostat on or off depending on when you’re home.

Some Smart Thermostats feature motion sensor technology, where it can automatically turn itself off when it detects no movement around an area. Some models even adjust themselves to suitable temperatures or eco-friendly modes as well.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat is a prime example of a smart thermostat that quite literally learns and programs itself to temperatures preferred by a household. It features an eco-friendly mode and even turns itself down when it doesn’t detect anybody at home.

Smart Sprinklers

Water is another natural resource, and you should monitor and control its consumption. We’ve all heard our fair share of stories of sprinklers malfunctioning and leaking water every now and then. Installing Smart Sprinklers would be ideal to curb such problems and to promote a greener living.

Smart Sprinklers, just like all other smart home devices, connect to home Wi-Fi and you could control them via mobile applications. They are quite easy to use; you can set schedules and optimize your water usage as you would prefer, and many of these devices even use the internet connectivity to access weather forecasting information, so that it may skip watering your lawn in case there will be rainfall.

The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler is one of the top recommended controllers for a smart sprinkler system. It features Weather Intelligence and automatically adjusts your watering schedule according to the weather forecast, all the while allowing you to view and control straight from your smartphones.

Go Green

Making the switch to a greener lifestyle can be tough given the changes that come with it. Turning your home into an energy saving unit of its own can be a stepping stone towards adopting such a lifestyle. And that does not mean heavy investments or turning things around completely; you can start by installing these simple devices mentioned above and notice a difference for yourself.

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