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TEOCO’s ASSET 2023 Q2 Release Enhances Automation for Improved Efficiency in 5G Network Design

TEOCO, a leading provider of analytics, assurance, planning, and optimisation solutions for communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide, has unveiled the latest version of its ASSET Suite, offering enhanced automation, usability, and integration. The ASSET 2023 Q2 release introduces two new modules, ASSET 365 Predictions and ASSET Evo, to further streamline network planning processes and facilitate data sharing across organisations.

With the ASSET 365 Predictions module, mobile operators can automate the generation of antenna-specific RF pathloss, a time-consuming task in network planning. This enables continuous access to up-to-date prediction data for creating output maps and performing advanced network simulations. Leveraging ASSET’s Open API based architecture, ASSET 365 delivers an intelligent, self-healing, load-balancing system that has been proven to scale effectively.

The ASSET Evo module extends the availability of network planning key performance indicators (KPIs) and project data beyond planning teams, providing a simplified and intuitive web interface. This allows various departments, including marketing and customer service, to easily access the latest insights on network design KPIs.

Nishita Hathi, Product Director at TEOCO, highlighted the significance of the ASSET 2023 Q2 release in digitally transforming radio planning organisations by automating network planning tasks and reducing the time required for updating network coverage maps. Hathi stated, “By making this information easily available through a web interface, other teams have instant access to the network design KPI information they need when they need it.”

In addition to the automation enhancements, the ASSET 2023 Q2 release also enables the design of LTE and 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) networks, as well as the identification of specific cell sites causing electromagnetic interference. Other modules, such as ASSET GEO and ASSET Simulator, have also received updates in this release.

To learn more about the ASSET 2023 Q2 release, viewers can watch the informational video or visit TEOCO’s website for detailed information and demonstrations.

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