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Join the Great Slow Ways Waycheck this Summer and Help Build a National Walking Network

This summer, individuals across Great Britain have an incredible opportunity to contribute to a new national tradition—the Great Slow Ways Waycheck. From June 16th to 25th, during the longest and brightest days of the year, people are encouraged to collectively walk, run, wheel, and check as many Slow Ways walking routes as possible.

Organized by Slow Ways, a grassroots initiative aimed at creating a national network of walking routes that connect all towns, cities, and national parks in Great Britain, the goal is to engage communities in this important undertaking.

Communities like Nottingham, Exmouth, and West Kirby have already achieved a remarkable feat by fully checking all their local Slow Ways. However, there are still numerous towns and cities that require route checking to connect them to the new national walking network.

Dan Raven-Ellison, the founder of Slow Ways, envisions a world-class walking network that facilitates travel between any two destinations in Britain. He said, “Slow Ways is a beautiful and unifying initiative with thousands of people contributing to the network by sharing and checking routes. To complete the network and make it accessible for everyone, we need to ensure all routes are verified and enjoyable. That’s why we are calling on individuals who love the great outdoors from every corner of Great Britain to join us.”

This is a mission that truly matters. By participating in the Great Slow Ways Waycheck, individuals will contribute to the creation of a network that fosters joy, health, love, ideas, creativity, relationships, communities, savings, climate crisis mitigation, connection with nature, and so much more.

Every day, as people walk and check the network, the best routes are being identified. Reviews, photos, and surveys collected during the process provide valuable insights and encouragement for others to explore the routes. The handmade Slow Ways network is rapidly taking shape, but the initiative seeks the involvement of thousands more individuals who share a passion for walking, running, and wheeling.

Inspired by the ancient tradition of “beating the bounds,” where people would walk the boundaries of their area once a year, the Great Slow Ways Waycheck aims to establish a future tradition. It aspires to create an extensive walking network that millions of people can trust, while also highlighting the value of hiking Britain’s paths as a national show of unity.

Slow Ways is calling on individuals from every town and city in Great Britain to participate in the ten-day event during mid-summer. To be a part of the Great Slow Ways Waycheck, simply embark on the Slow Ways routes, check and review them, and contribute to this remarkable initiative between June 16 and 25.

To learn more and get involved, please visit and

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