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The Foundation of Green Energy: Bolting Tools

 The green energy industry is growing rapidly, and with it comes the need for reliable and efficient bolting tools. ALLTORC supplies torque tools and other bolting equipment to wind turbine manufacturers, wind power construction and maintenance contractors, as well as utilities around the world for their heavy duty bolting needs. With a wide range of torque and tensioning tools available, including the infamous RAD Gun and RAD battery series, ALLTORC ensures the green energy industry has access to the most reliable and advanced bolting tools.
RAD tools can be used for both rough and fine tuning of bolts and nuts in wind turbines and other renewable energy infrastructure. This means that each bolt/nut joint is tightened to the exact specifications required according to the type of application. Moreover, RAD tools also have a built-in safety feature that prevents over-tightening of the fastener, preventing damage to the equipment and ensuring that it remains structurally sound over long periods of time.
ALLTORC understands that dependable torque tools are essential for the success of a project and are committed to providing quality products from leading brands like RAD Torque Systems, Norwolf, and more. “We have a wide selection of tools for the green energy industry,” says Charlie Carmichael, Manager of ALLTORC. “We are proud to be a part of the renewable energy revolution, and we look forward to helping our customers build a sustainable future.”
The durability, and safety of these tools are paramount to ensuring the success of green energy projects. However, it is important to note that these tools need to be regularly repaired and calibrated to keep them functioning at their best. ALLTORC provides high-quality torque tool rental, including E-RAD torque wrenches, electric torque wrenches, and hydraulic tensioners, along with a team of experienced technicians who can help with regular repairs and calibrations.
With their wide range of torque tools and support services, ALLTORC is the trusted partner for green energy projects across the globe. For more information on their range of torc tools and services, visit their website at or call (818) 767-9600.
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