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6 Reasons Why Shipping Packing List Is an Important Export Document

The packaging lists are often considered trivial, a nuisance. But, it is actually not. Except for a shipping packing list, a product can not be delivered even if it reaches the doors. It is an invoice that determines the buyer. If the shipman doesn’t see the invoice, they can’t recognize the product you ordered.

When there is a case of international transport, it becomes more deteriorated. It states the product details like the price, delivery address, who ordered, payment method, and all. To some extent, it is proved that they delivered the product to a particular address scanning code. The whole process has to be done correctly to deliver products successfully.

The commercial invoice generally has been issued for the packaging of the product. Therefore, it should be visible to the shipment and the buyers. Once you complete the delivery, its work ends. In fact, the users sometimes throw them out. But this may come in need when you want to exchange the product.

Benefits of Shipping Packing List

  • The shipping packing list determines the address where the shipmen would deliver.
  • It is an authorized invoice that proves your delivery has been completed.
  • Also, it helps to raise issues against the manufacturers if required.
  • A shipping packing list is an in-hand bill that determines the online purchase.

How To Make A Shipping Packing List?

As a packaging director, you have to add the details on the front part of the product. Follow the points and do this.

  • Find the product details from the manufacturing company.
  • Download this and take a print of the soft copy.
  • And later, you attach this using tape or gum in the front part of the packaged product.

Importance Of Shipping Packaging List

The shipping package list consists of lots of information. For example, from the ordering date to delivery date, product type, the product’s weight, contact information, invoice number, and all.

Except for these necessary documents, a delivery agent can’t process the method. There are many more reasons for the invoice to be attached with the ordered products.

1.     Delivery Location

For example, you have ordered a product In California. Therefore, the e-commerce sites would ask you to show a particular address along with Pincode and street name. When the shipment goes out for delivery, this document will tell them the specific address where to deliver.

Only through the shipping packing list, they deliver the products to the proper address. If you are a packaging business owner, download the packaging document and add this to the front part of the product.

2.    Product Information

Taking care of the products is not only the work of the packaging director. It is also the duty of the shipping agencies. However, before carrying the products, they read the shipping details and learn about the product quality. Weight, type of goods, number of goods inside, texture, all remained mentioned.

Therefore, the shipping agency can learn the product details and can take care of the products. As a shipping agency, you should follow the details to know how to carry the product. This may require special care while carrying.

3.    Inland Bill

You can consider the packing list as the inhand bill. Mainly for the buyers, this is hugely significant. Many mishaps take place during the product packaging. Therefore, it is the deed of this fact. Irrespective of all products, you will get the shipping packing list. As the paper consists of all details, it comes as proof.

Inside the product, there should be another bill. But if it is missing, then the inland bill is a packing list. Keep it secure. It may come into action at any time. You can issue the invoice in later days to show you purchased the product.  

4.     Assurance Claim

When you send a product to the customers, they take it and unbox this later. If, in any case, they found the product damaged or having other issues, they then can show this paper as the initial document. During the shipping time, the goods can receive harm. Nothing will go wrong for the customers when they issue the packing list.

It is the proof that tells the product has been shipped successfully. This document supports the insurance. Also, it assures the buyers to get a fresh and fair product again.

5.     Customer Service

If the customer buys electronics, they could raise them if they have any issues in the guarantee period. What would happen if they lost the bill? In this case, they might be able to claim the product through the shipping packing list. The delivery date, payment procedure, product name, and other valid details are in the list.

Thereby, it also stands for the validation of the product. However, as a packaging farm, you have to be careful to send a proper list. Many times, customers lose the paper, and they face trouble. But, they must not destroy the shipping packing list.

6.     International Carrier

International flights are taught to manage. While a shipping agency carries the products on the flights, they show the details in the security check-in time. There is another issue of weight. Therefore, it is essential to check the lists that have been issued in front of the product.

Let the agency work accordingly and show the bills. If there is any confusion in the product details, the authorities don’t allow the products on the flights. So, clear the details and add this.

The Bottom Lines

A Boxed Packaged Goods Could Lift Your Business, do you know? Create a packaging business and then see for yourself. Apart from this, you have to look forward to the shipping packing list. Except for this, the product won’t be delivered.

Be careful and provide the necessary details to the shipping agency. Most of the time, the manufacturing company offers the details. So, you get it and add the hard copy to the product before delivery.

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