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Utilizing Big Data in Salesforce Makes It Easier for Small Businesses to Bridge the Data Gap

Every day, a billion GBs of data is generated in this digital world. This data is precious and is being collected constantly by companies to be put into their own use, mostly to better understand the needs and requirements of their client base. Instead of working on a guessing game, a business can be working with real numbers if they can collect the proper data and an experienced Salesforce consultant. Be it Netflix’s top picks, your suggested restaurants on your favorite food delivery app, traffic sensors, or your customized ads on the Google search engine. The proper collection and interpretation of data make life a whole lot easier for you.

About Salesforce

Salesforce has become one of the world’s top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. It boasts a hugely active clientele of 150,000 firms, availing its unmatched services. With their complete cloud-based services, they have a diverse portfolio consisting of sales services, customer service, marketing, and a whole lot more, all on separate, dedicated applications. Firms that have utilized the services of Salesforce have experienced immediate results with vast improvements in the department of sales and marketing.

Salesforce: An Array of Top-Notch Services

Salesforce is one such software platform that caters to every need of a focused and data-driven business. With their cloud-based solutions, they make it possible to easily connect with external applications of the sorts of email, Microsoft Office, social media platforms, etc. They offer a wide number of services that branch out in different directions, all with a common goal of enhancing a company’s data management and efficiency. 

Salesforce is the most easily configurable software platform that enables users to configure every solution and tailor it to suit their business requirements. Forget having needless applications occupying space on your system and embrace the advanced way of data utilization with Salesforce.

Some of their top services include:

·   Sales Cloud

·   Service Cloud

·   Marketing

How Does Salesforce Assist Customers in Navigating the Wave of Big Data Platforms? launched its data analysis platform last fall, by the name of Salesforce Wave, which created quite the stir among data-driven businesses. It is designed to highlight Salesforce’s data and keep up with all the upgrades as the company constantly changes its services. In their attempt to introduce newer data sources to the platform, Salesforce debuted several connectors that would connect Wave to the premium Big Data tools. Wave administrators can collaborate with IT to bring the required data into the platform, where the users can access all the data with the help of connectors provided by Salesforce. 

Before the arrival of these excellent interfaces, it was still possible to collect data into the platform, only it took a lot more time and effort. With the help of the connectors, it has become much easier for big and small businesses to work with Salesforce tools and have IT collaborate with the platform smoothly, bridging the data gap in this vast big data platform. 

No matter how good your data collection and management is, it is of no good use until every sector of your business makes proper utilization of the data. With data scientists and developers having access to the collected information, the usage is not optimized while the IT department sits idle. The entire body of your business needs to work synchronously in order to maximize profit.

However, the most crucial part is to take control of the data generated and accessed. While data scientists can manipulate important information and squeeze out useful results, data always stands the chance of being exploited. Salesforce offers customers several intelligent tools to encourage the data-driven mindset. However, the responsibility of using these resources meticulously falls on the shoulders of the users. 

As Part of a Larger Strategy, Being Data-Driven is Important.

If you want to go leaps and bounds ahead of your fellow competitors, then you need to step up your business game. The first step is to set pepper and manageable goals. You need to have your entire staff aware of its goals and the roadmap to achieve them. This will enable you to get an idea of the tools and necessary data you would need to reach the finish line.

Having a clear strategy is a necessity. Where you want to have 90% client retention or close 25% more sales this quarter than the last, you need to have it all figured out before diving into the analytics. It can get difficult to work with the data collected from these big data platforms without proper planning. 

Making Data Available Across the Organization Means That Everyone is Responsible for the Outcome.

Cloud Business Intelligence might be just the tool you are looking for when it comes to business analytics solutions. Earlier, data was only accessible from a couple of devices, thus facilitating very a very small number of employees to actually work with the information, but Cloud BI can have the data be accessible from a wide range of devices to ensure that all the necessary staff can get a hold of the relevant information. 

Final Thoughts

Salesforce allows users to experience better communication, access relevant data, and enjoy a user-friendly platform, all in one. Service Cloud is a feature that enables businesses to customize their own self-service customer service portal that enables efficient communication with customers and keeps track of every time the brand gets mentioned online. Salesforce offers many such varied services that enable businesses of various scales to smoothly bridge the data gap by making use of big data tools on the platform.

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