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SIHOT Goes Agile to Benefit From Departmental Expertise

Germany, 24 May 2022: SIHOT has created dedicated product and system development teams using an agile methodology utilising specialists from across different business units.

SIHOT aims to address customer requests faster and move forward quicker in the market by benefiting from wider experience and expertise to improve speed of development delivery. Taking an agile approach involves constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvement at every stage as projects are split into several phases.

SIHOT has compiled its cross functional teams from across its 200-strong workforce including Development and Operations, Customer Support, Account Management, and Sales and Marketing departments.

The first phase of cross functional teams will give greater attention and focus on four projects; User experience and user interface (UX/UI), SIHOT.GO! (guest mobile app), SIHOT.KIOSK (lobby check in terminal) and Security Innovation.

Head of Global Marketing, Sarah Mildenberger is part of the development of SIHOT.GO!, “It’s great to be part of actually developing a product rather than just promoting the solutions to the industry. I can contribute my knowledge and experience, while keeping a pulse on developments in the sector to share with my colleagues to put SIHOT at the forefront of development.”

Each team will continually undertake the cycle of planning, executing, and evaluating every stage to meet market demand, customer expectations and support the wider global vision of the business.  “We’ve been really proud of the willingness and uptake of this new approach. We opened positions for people from across the business to join and contribute to our product and ultimately the success of our platform. We’re already experiencing vast improvements in the development of the products,” said Carsten Wernet, Chief Executive, SIHOT.

SIHOT has expanded in recent years with new offices in Australia, Portugal and Austria, plus Turkey due to open in 2022. In 2021 it launched a number of products to facilitate the evolution of hotel management including SIHOT.KIOSK, SIHOT. INSIGHTS and SIHOT.360 partner programme.

To find out more about SIHOT’s hotel management system, visit

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