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5 Secret Methods To Improve Your Warehouse Operational Efficiency

A warehouse is a building that contains one or more floors/levels where goods are stored and collected. The Warehouse and Storage Industry (WSI) is a key industry sector that contributes significantly to the economy, employing thousands of people in the UK alone.

To keep up with the rising demand for warehousing services from retailers, suppliers and manufacturers around the world, efficiency has quickly become a priority for many warehouses. Try these secret methods to help improve warehouse operational efficiency:

1) Use Local Logistic Companies

A surge in demand for local delivery companies is a symptom of the global pandemic. This has resulted in a delivery company boom, with as many as 71% of all UK adults receiving a product that they ordered from a courier or express delivery service.

By using a local logistics company, such as, you can utilise local knowledge and vehicle fleets more cost-effectively. The best local logistics company will be able to help you improve your warehouse operational efficiency. For example, they can advise on the most efficient routes to move your goods, or which storage option will be right for you – all of this can help you cut costs and boost profits.

Local companies will also have strong relationships with local suppliers, so they can also help with finding the best prices from several different companies.

2) Improve storage distribution techniques.

Some warehouses can have a problem with a piece of equipment that is placed too high up in the warehouse. This can result in a lack of space around the equipment and make it much more difficult to move. To avoid this problem, you can try installing mobile storage racks. These are extremely helpful in that they can be easily moved, even with the heaviest equipment on them. This will not only save time and space, but it will also help reduce the risk of accidents by enabling workers to manoeuvre around these items.

3) Create a safe environment.

According to the British Safety Council, 1,300 UK employees are hospitalised each year with serious injuries following forklift accidents, and that number is rising. That’s five UK workers each workday suffering debilitating and life-changing injuries, including complex fractures, dislocations, deglovings and amputations.

You may be using forklifts to move pallets around your warehouse. This can put you at risk if you do not follow health and safety precautions. Make sure that all workers know the rules of safe operation and familiarise yourself with the proper techniques for operating forklift trucks.

4) Use a Warehouse Management System

Implement a warehouse management system (WMS). WMSs have become an essential tool for any warehouse manager to effectively manage the flow of goods in and out of the warehouse. They eliminate the manual processes and help you monitor, maintain and control supply chain activities, for example, storage shelves, personnel time-keeping and temperature control.

5) Automate Processes

Automate or partially automate the process. Investing in automated systems, such as conveyor belts, speed racks and storage racking systems, will help decrease the time spent on certain tasks and improve overall efficiency. You will also be able to track some processes easier because the system will keep track of them for you.

Warehouse operations can be hard and expensive to train new employees. If you have not trained in this field, it can be a struggle to make the changes you want, especially with such high demands. Using the suggestions above, you will be able to make efficient changes in your warehouse operations and cut costs significantly.

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