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Nucleus Commercial Finance adds Female Non-Executive Director to Group Board

Nucleus Commercial Finance (Nucleus), the solution-led fintech provider, has further strengthened its Group Board with the appointment of Deborah Hardy as an external Non-Executive Director.

With a diverse career background within executive and operational roles, Deborah has over 30 years’ experience and expertise in the overseeing and delivery of strong corporate governance and meeting high DE&I standards. Alongside her non-exec role on the board, Deborah is currently Director of two companies, based in the UK and a further company based in Malta.  All of these roles have a focus on operations, delivery and best proactive administration.

As part of the Group Board, Deborah will be contributing to maintaining the effectiveness of internal and external operations and further strengthening relationships between Nucleus’ UK and India based firms, ensuring high quality management between the dual strands of the business, and assisting in the maintenance of Nucleus’ high-quality focus on its people. Meeting staff engagement and productivity across the two continents is of great importance to Deborah’s role and key objectives this year onwards. Deborah is also an approved individual in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to perform a Senior Management Function.

Board meetings are held each quarter in London, including Non-Executive Director, Gordon Titley, Chirag Shah, Founder and CEO, Mark Goldman, Director and Simon Willmett, Finance Director of Nucleus Commercial Finance.

Chirag Shah, Founder and CEO, Nucleus Commercial Finance commented: “Deborah’s appointment to the Group Board brings a depth of understanding and relationship driven skills, lending her significant experience from working across general and commercial insurance and wider financial services. We are committed to our people and with Deborah’s council will continue to uphold good corporate governance across both continents we operate in this year onwards.”

Deborah Hardy, Non-Executive Director, Nucleus Commercial Finance commented: “The growth opportunities for Nucleus are huge and I’m looking forward to using my experience to assist with the overall management and strategic direction of the company. With the business operating on two continents, staff engagement and productivity will be central to our success.

“With my prior experience overseeing the delivery of operations and administrative communication, I am confident that I can play a central role in unlocking the potential within the business and seizing the opportunities posed by the year ahead.”

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