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Pros, Pitfalls and Key Takeaways of Cryptocurrency Investments 

The recent failures in the cryptocurrency space (think FTX and 3AC) have left many investors uneasy about allocating funds to crypto and other digital assets. Joshua Peck, founder of TrueCode Capital and author of the new book Cryptocurrency Risk Management: A Guide for Family Wealth Managers, says investing now may be the smart move.

In the book, Peck offers his thoughts on the pros, cons and takeaways of investing in crypto.

“I hate to see people miss out on cryptocurrency investing because it feels too risky,” says Peck. “There is a way that high net worth individuals and family office portfolio managers can develop a sober, thoughtful cryptocurrency investing strategy that complements their existing portfolio.”

Peck points to three reasons why now might be an excellent time to consider jumping into the cryptocurrency investment space.

1.       According to Cointelegraph, Cryptocurrencies are the fastest growing investments of the decade.

2.       The crypto market is driven by the Bitcoin halving cycle, coming up May 2024.

3.       The 2022 bear market has created an opportunity to buy in at a huge discount.

“While there are never any guarantees, in any investment,” says Peck, “investors who accumulated crypto at similar points in past bear markets have reaped tremendous rewards.” 

Peck can speak about:

·         The FTX crypto disaster – what happened and how to avoid it in the future

·         How to confidently invest in cryptocurrencies

·         How crypto investing fits into your overall portfolio goals

·         How to recognize the risks of this emergent asset class

·         The best ways to arm yourself to better survive bear markets

·         How to prosper from the long-term growth of crypto

·         The smart way to increase allocation in cryptocurrencies

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