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The Top UK Cities for Productivity Revealed

With many people remote or hybrid working post pandemic, where we live can also impact how productive we end up being at work too.

A recent study by Currys had ranked 34 UK cities for productivity based on several factors, including download speed, internet outages, access to fast fibre and cost of co-working spaces. The cities were ranked with an overall score out of 40.

The analysis reveals that Coventry is the best city in the UK for productivity with a score of 36 out of 40. This is due to relatively low coworking costs, and effective coverage of the internet across the city.

Coventry boasts the best full fibre internet coverage in the country, and scores 13th in the country in terms of internet outages, which puts it far above its neighbours Birmingham and Leicester, and third in the country for best download speed.

In second place was Slough with a total score of 33 out of 40, the city ranked well for its download speed and low number of internet outages. However, it is one of the more expensive locations for co-working costs.

In third place was Swindon with a total score of 32. This city, although infamous for its nightmare roundabout, scored well when it came to the number of internet outages and access to full fibre.

The UK’s top 10 cities for productivity

RankCityOutages scoreFull Fibre % scoreDownload speed scoreCo-working costs scoreTotal score

Out of the 34 cities analysed it was found that the capital, London, was the worst city for productivity, with an overall score of just 12 out of 40. It was found to be the worst for internet outages, offers the highest co-working costs and scored poorly for full fibre coverage and download speed. Bad news for the plethora of digital reliant businesses based in the big smoke.

The second worst was Burnley scoring just 16 out of 40 and Blackpool was third worst with a score of 19 out of 40.

The UK’s 10 worst cities for productivity

RankCityOutages rankFull Fibre % rankDownload speed rankCo working costs rankTotal score
6Brighton and Hove9.933.64.221
9Newcastle upon Tyne9.
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