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Translation Provider Ramps-Up Growth Strategy With First Acquisition Following Investment

Translation and language services provider The Translation People has completed its latest acquisition, the first following its recent investment from Mobeus Equity Partners in January.

The transaction will see Edinburgh-based Sure Languages become part of The Translation People on 21st March 2023. The company will retain its original trading name and all sales and project management staff.

The Translation People, which has five offices across the UK as well as in Munich, Bonn, Paris and Boston, targeted Sure Languages for its established and international presence in the retail, automotive and non-government organisation sectors – industries the business already trades in and has identified as opportunities for growth.

As part of its strategy to at least treble in size by 2028 following recent financial backing from private equity firm, Mobeus, The Translation People is looking to complete several further acquisitions. Its buy-and-build approach in what it describes as a ‘fragmented’ market is designed to provide a wider range of services and expertise to clients, with investments in translation automation technology planned, too.

Jasmin Schneider, managing director of The Translation People, said: “It’s been a busy few months at The Translation People and we are pleased to have completed the smooth integration of Sure Languages into the business as the next step in this journey. All account managers will remain with the business, which will facilitate a smooth integration of Sure Languages’ existing customers into our organisation, and we’ll now be able to provide them with a wealth of technological solutions to enhance the service they receive.

“As well as working in sectors we’re familiar with and know there is room to grow in, Sure Languages is a perfect cultural fit for us, and our teams have instantly connected. Now the acquisition is complete, we look forward to building exponentially on our partnership.”

Paul Bickham, outgoing owner of Sure Languages, said: “Sure Languages and The Translation People are extremely similar in terms of their approach to quality, customer service and value. This move adds new resources, capability and technology to what we’ve been able to offer our customers, and we know they are in the safest hands. Not only will our clients receive the same great service they’re used to, but they will receive so much more as part of a larger organisation.”

The Translation People has over 40 years’ experience of delivering high quality translation services to clients around the world and is able to translate material in more than 300 different language combinations. As well as document translation, The Translation People has a diverse selection of services including interpreting, video subtitling, e-learning localisation and machine translation technology.

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