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London Packaging Week Organisers Launch Key Survey

Leading multi-format event organiser Easyfairs has committed to taking the packaging sector’s temperature in the coming weeks by launching a brand-new survey.  

London’s vibrant home for packaging innovation and design, London Packaging Week, is seeking to canvas the opinion of suppliers, designers, packaging developers, marketers, and founders, as it continues to identify the major forces and emerging trends that will reshape luxury over the next decade. 

The five-minute, 10-question survey looks into which influential brands, organisations, and external factors are making waves – from manufacturing to consumerism. 

Renan Joel, Managing Director, Packaging at Easyfairs, said: “This is an opportunity to help shape an already renowned event and allow us to continue creating a dynamic and inspirational offering that drives packaging innovation, business and connections at the heart of the UK’s luxury and consumer products markets. 

“Unequivocally, our performance is contingent on the quality of our listening. It qualifies us to connect the dots between trust and relationships, whether between individuals, an organisation and its customers, or stakeholders. 

“It enables us to look audiences in the eyes and guarantee a level of interest they relish.” 

LPW, scheduled to take place on September 21 and 22 at the ExCel London, will, no doubt, be awash with of brands, innovators, designers and creators looking to study what drives the success of prestige brands innovating to come up with a league of creative and sustainable solutions.  

“Packaging matters more than ever,” added the Easyfairs chief. “In a world of disparate alternatives, consumers choose to express themselves with brand choices that reflect their values.  

“London’s vibrant home for packaging innovation and design will walk you through the entire immersive process, where the right materials and shapes are matched to the desired sensory cues that trigger a positive response in the consumer’s mind. Quite simply, there is no other exhibition or observer of the luxury industry whose insights are more useful, accurate and packed with smart predictions for the packaging sector. LPW will, once again, show that it understands the mindset that creates luxury’s timeless value.” 

The short survey comprising 10 key questions can be found here, and Easyfairs is encouraging key businesses and media outlets to share far and wide. 

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