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Reconomy Reveals Marks & Spencer as Industry Leader in Sustainability

Reconomy has announced Marks & Spencer as leading the charge in pledging to be more sustainable among supermarkets and restaurants.

The waste management specialists, analysed 157 companies across 13 sectors, rank M&S as the 10th most dominating in the overall sustainable conversation.

Using companies’ individual business strategies alongside additional data on social media, Reconomy has revealed labelled drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola the most pledged to sustainability.

Key terms relating to sustainability and how many times they have been mentioned have been analysed and M&S have laid claim to 179, with 62 coming from social posts and 117 from their strategy.

McDonalds is owning the conversation in the restaurant game, meanwhile, with 75 mentions, ranking them at 38th overall.

Tony Munro, marketing director at Reconomy said: “With continued demand for improvements, the retail sector often finds itself under intense scrutiny when it comes to sustainability. That said, the advancements being made within the sector are admirable. Additional investment and focus would certainly be beneficial, but inroads are being made, as we can see from the various businesses’ pledges.”

“It’s really positive to see so many companies pledging to become more sustainable in both their business strategies and the conversations they are getting involved in on social media. However, we still have a long way to go and for both the restaurant and supermarket industries, achieving ambitious goals will include a continued drive to reduce single use plastic and improve waste and resource management.”

While M&S, Tesco, and Co-op all feature in the top 30, competitors such Aldi, Asda, and Iceland, only have a collective 15 mentions between them, displaying that the urge to own the conversation surrounding sustainability isn’t shared across the sector.

Similarly, despite Greggs following McDonalds with 72 mentions across social and strategy, a number of restaurants or takeaway food companies have failed to include mentions whatsoever…

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About Reconomy

Reconomy is the environmental sector’s leading outsourced waste and resource service provider. With 25 years’ experience, Reconomy has a nationwide network of over 1,000 supply chain partners that are focused on minimising waste and promoting a circular economy. Reconomy is unique is in their ability to provide consultancy-led sustainability and circular economy solutions.

In depth data collection methodology

In order to calculate the biggest sustainable giants, waste management specialists Reconomy used data from Corporate Knights’ Top 100 Most Sustainable Companies in line with companies who rank highest on YouGov in terms of public perception in a cross-referenced format with a data-pull set up for both Twitter and LinkedIn, and the companies’ individual business strategies.

More information about Reconomy can be found here:

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