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Narro Announces Board of Directors Changes, Celebrating Retiring Director and Promoting New Talent

Leading structural and civil engineering consultancy, Narro, is pleased to announce significant changes to its Board of Directors. Andrew Brown, a long-standing member of the Board, will retire from his position effective from 1st July. However, Andrew will continue to contribute to the business as a part-time Consultant, showcasing his ongoing commitment to Narro. The entire Narro team extends their heartfelt gratitude to Andrew for his exceptional contributions, dedication, and leadership throughout his tenure on the Board.

Andrew’s invaluable guidance played a pivotal role in driving Narro’s growth and success. With a remarkable engineering career spanning four decades, including thirty years with Narro and twenty years on the Board, his strategic vision, engineering expertise, and unwavering pursuit of excellence have profoundly shaped the company’s trajectory.

Andrew is also one of Narro’s most accredited members, holding Fellowships with the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE), the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), and the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE). Throughout his tenure, Andrew played a key role in notable projects such as the Stirling Tolbooth, The Easterhouse Arts Centre (The Bridge), and numerous healthcare and education sector projects.

Simultaneously, Narro is delighted to announce the promotions of Robbie Templeton and Duncan Mowat to the position of Director. Both Robbie and Duncan have demonstrated exceptional capabilities and have been instrumental in driving the company’s success in their respective roles.

Robbie Templeton, who joined Narro as a graduate seventeen years ago, has consistently displayed a strong work ethic, extensive industry knowledge, and outstanding leadership skills. His promotion to Regional Director in 2020, after establishing a new office in Aberdeen, exemplifies his significant contributions to fostering client relationships and driving business growth. Robbie’s promotion to Director is a testament to his unwavering commitment and exceptional contributions to Narro’s achievements.

Duncan Mowat, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the engineering sector, joined Narro as a Senior Associate in 2020. Since then, Duncan has showcased unwavering dedication, expertise, and exemplary leadership skills. He has successfully led numerous impactful projects, exceeding client expectations and delivering outstanding results. Duncan’s promotion to Director reflects his significant contributions to the company’s growth and his ability to inspire and lead teams.

Furthermore, Narro is proud to announce Garry Porch’s promotion to the position of Regional Director in the Glasgow office. Garry, who joined Narro in 2021, brings extensive experience in the structural and civil engineering industry. In his new role, Garry will drive the growth and expansion of the Glasgow team.

In addition to the board-level changes, Narro celebrates promotions for other key team members. Owen Cairns in the Newcastle office has been promoted to Senior Civil Engineer, Daniel Murray to Senior Engineer and Deputy Section Leader in Glasgow, Jack Gray to full Technician in Aberdeen, while Catherine Haynes and Louise Maher have become Senior Administrators in Edinburgh.

Ben Adam, Managing Director of Narro, expressed his appreciation for Andrew’s exceptional service and extended warm congratulations to Robbie and Duncan on joining the Director team. He also emphasised the company’s excitement for the future, highlighting Narro’s commitment to continued growth, innovation, and delivering exceptional value to clients.

Narro remains dedicated to providing exceptional engineering expertise and embracing innovative solutions to deliver outstanding results for clients and partners. The retirement of Andrew Brown and the promotions of Robbie Templeton and Duncan Mowat mark significant milestones in Narro’s evolution. With its talented team, Narro is confident in its ability to thrive and continue providing exceptional services to clients.

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