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Which App Development Company Provides The Best Customized Gojek Clone App?

In this world, technology has become the name of the game. As more and more people are depending on their smart phones for just about any kind of requirement that they might have in their every day world, it is becoming very clear that smart multi service apps like the Gojek Clone are the only solution for the modern consumer.

Many smart entrepreneurs from around the world have started investing in multi service based apps to make sure that they can capitalize on the profitability offered by the Gojek Clone apps. This is why; many on demand mobile app developers have started building their own versions of the Gojek Clone app.

The Major Problem

The biggest issue faced by most entrepreneurs today is that with so many different kinds of apps available in the market that all claim to facilitate multi service based business types, it is increasingly difficult to find the right app that justifies all the business needs of the particular entrepreneur.

Basically, the very first thing that every business owner should understand is that every different kind of business comes with its own set of unique requirements. It could be in the form of the regional or demographic market that the app is to be launched in or the hopes and aspirations of the app owners.

The one thing that entrepreneurs should focus on while purchasing their own on demand multi service app such as the Gojek Clone is to make sure that they create list of their own requirements first, and then compare the offerings of the Gojek Clone app in question to be able to see whether it is right for you or not.

Finding The Best App Development Company That Builds Your Gojek Clone App

Looking for the right Gojek Clone app in the market is similar to looking for a needle in a needle stack. With so many different options available in the market, the choice can be slightly overbearing. However, here are some of the top tips that can help you selecting the right company.

  1. White Labeling Services

This is a no brainer. One has to make sure that the company they are planning to purchase their Gojek Clone app from offers white labeling services. White labeling services are the processes taken to make sure that any and all signs of the application development company are removed from the app and replaced with the purchasing company’s logo and brand name. White labeling also includes other customizations such as adding your color theme to the app, integrating the choice of your language and choice of your currency in the application for you and so on and so forth.

  • Experience

Qualification and experience are two very different things and any one who has worked with technology can tell you that here, things change every day. This is why; it is important to make sure that the app development company tasked with building your app has a fairly decent amount of experience (we would suggest anywhere between 8 to 10 years) so that they know the nuances of this industry.

Another angle of experience is that you have to take into account the kind of experience other clients and customers of the said company have had. This means that you must take a look at the previous client testimonials to get an idea of how professional the team is, how their work force is and so on and so forth.

  • Yes Man vs. Practicality

Sometimes, there is an entirely different sales unit working at the de elopement team and a whole different technical team. The primary job of the sales team is to sell the app by going full yes man mode on their prospective clients, without once referring to the actual technical team and finding out feasibility.

While purchasing your own Gojek Clone app, if you come across a team that is overly enthusiastic about selling the app to you and agreeing with all your demands, then please note that something is not correct.

Practical technical solution are sometimes far removed from the fantasies of the clients and unless there is some clear and transparent communication regarding what is available and what is not, rest assured that the company isn’t worth purchasing the app from.

  • Transparency in the purchase process

Most of the times, on demand mobile app development companies are offshore ones. This is why; it becomes tremendously important to ensure that the process of purchase is absolutely transparent. This transparency can only be achieved if the on demand mobile app development company in question insists on email communication.

Since English might not be the first language of either parties, things might get lost in translation while talking on the phone. Having clear email conversation always allows for reference material and makes sure that there is no ambiguity in any communication.

  • Project Manager

It is always advisable to have a single point of contact when dealing with an offshore company. You don’t want to pick up the phone and make calls after calls explaining your requirements right from the beginning each time something new comes up.  Therefore, look for a Gojek Clone App development company that offers you a dedicated project manager who becomes your single point of contact through out the app building and launching process. This will go a long way in making your app development and launch become seamless.

  • Responsibility of App launch on Google Play Store and iOS App Store

Launching an app on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store can be harder than it seems. Many a time, apps can face rejection owing to technical reasons on the app store This is why; make sure that you only purchase your app from a company that takes complete responsibility of not just building the app and white labeling it for you, but also launching it on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store for you.


Purchasing the Gojek Clone app can be a little difficult because of the number of options available in the market. To make sure that you have the right app to help you reach the apex of your business, ensure that you follow the above mentioned guidelines and you will be the kind of the on demand multi service business space in no time!

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