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Significant Increase in International Student Demand Across INTO Partnerships in the United States

INTO University Partnerships has recently announced a remarkable surge in the interest shown by international students in its institutional partners in the United States. The organization disclosed data on May 30, 2023, revealing that INTO’s partners have witnessed a staggering 136% growth in applications for the upcoming intakes this year, with an unprecedented number of 36,000 applications already received. This increase far surpasses the national average of 16% reported by Common App in March 2023.

Applications for pathway programs and INTO Center supported programs have risen by 52% compared to the same period last year, indicating a strong recovery from the impact of the pandemic.

However, the most striking growth has been observed in applications from students who are eligible for direct admission to programs with partner universities. Surpassing all expectations, these figures currently stand at nearly 29,000 applications, reflecting a doubling in numbers from the same period last year.

Despite changing demographics in the world’s fastest-growing regions, INTO’s partners have experienced a resurgence of interest in studying in the United States from every corner of the globe, including China, after two years of pandemic-imposed travel restrictions.

Sharon Sundue, INTO’s Executive Vice President for North America, expressed her delight at the strong application figures for their partners, especially after a challenging period for higher education in the United States. She highlighted that the partners have provided life-changing experiences for international students, offering unwavering support, which is evident in student satisfaction levels exceeding 94%. The exceptional results can be attributed to the outstanding reputation of the partners, their commitment to innovation, and the joint efforts in key student markets.

The introduction of new programs to meet the rising student demand signifies that students value additional support. It is evident from the distribution of student demand that while many students are eligible for direct admission, they are increasingly attracted to programs that offer specialized support. An excellent example is the partnership at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), which has witnessed a 131% increase in student applications while maintaining a 99% international student satisfaction level with the learning experience. The university has taken proactive steps to redesign its undergraduate and graduate programs, ensuring that international students receive the necessary support to maximize their talents. The positive feedback received from students is a testament to the commitment of UAB. In a recent student survey, one student expressed their satisfaction, stating, “I love being in UAB. There are so many new things I am learning here, and I am happy with the course structure.”

David Hofmann, Executive Director of INTO UAB, emphasized that pathway programs were initially designed to cater to a specific group of students who require additional support in academics, English language skills, and overall acculturation as they transition to a US college environment. While some students may have stronger English language skills upon arrival, the need for sensitive and supportive programming remains as vital as ever. UAB is dedicated to this focus and is delighted to see many international students choosing to continue their studies with them.

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