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The Ultimate Guide to Travelling on a Student Budget

As the summer season draws near, students yearning for worldly adventures can rejoice., the money-saving experts, have come to the rescue with invaluable advice and practical tips on how to embark on exciting journeys without depleting their bank accounts.

With university students eagerly anticipating graduation and others wrapping up another year of study, young enthusiasts nationwide are setting their sights on thrilling travel plans, seeking solace and rejuvenation after the stress of essays, assignments, and exams.

From comparing prices to choosing budget-friendly accommodations and utilising student discounts, there are numerous ways students can embark on remarkable escapades without breaking the bank.

Charlie Stirzaker, the student savings expert at, states, “Travelling is an incredible experience that should be accessible to every student. With meticulous planning and savvy money-saving strategies, it’s entirely possible to explore the world while staying well within a student budget.”

Here are NetVoucherCodes‘ top tips for Budget-Friendly Travel and Student Holidays:

  1. Embrace Package Holidays

For an affordable dreamy getaway, package holidays are a student’s best friend. These all-inclusive deals are perfect for maximising the value of your next trip, particularly when it comes to saving on food and drinks. Compare prices to secure the best possible deal and enjoy savings per person. Whether your heart desires sandy beaches or vibrant cities, these thoughtfully curated package holidays will help you make the most of your travel budget.

  1. Unleash the Party Spirit

Students across the country are swapping textbooks for sun, sea, and parties this summer. Explore party destinations with all-inclusive packages that not only save money on meals but also offer unlimited food and drink throughout the day. Jet2Vibe and other travel retailers cater to party-goers, providing package deals for nightlife holidays and clubbing experiences. Remember to trade cards for cash and turn off data roaming to save even more money.

  1. Plan Ahead for Event Tickets

Save your hard-earned cash by booking event tickets in advance. Many clubs in popular destinations like Ibiza, Magaluf, and Zante offer discounted tickets for events when booked ahead of time. Don’t forget to check for group discounts to further enhance your savings. Plan ahead, secure your spot, and get ready for unforgettable nightlife experiences.

  1. Unlock Student Discounts

Harness the power of exclusive student discounts to trim your travel expenses. Websites like Student Beans and UNiDAYS provide discount codes for flights, luggage, tourist attractions, and more. Explore flight comparison sites such as Kayak, as well as leading travel brands like Ryanair, Jet2Holidays, and Loveholidays, which offer student discounts through UNiDAYS and Student Beans.

  1. Embrace Budget-Friendly Accommodation

Cut down on travel costs by opting for hostels instead of hotels. Hostels not only offer affordable accommodation options but also provide opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture and connect with fellow travelers. Embrace a social community and forge new friendships while staying within your student budget. Utilise websites like and to discover shared accommodations and hostels.

  1. Take Advantage of Duty-Free Shopping

Make the most of duty-free shopping at airports to find tax-free bargains. Duty-free shops present discounted prices on designer sunglasses, aftershaves, and more. Grab miniature spirits for your journey and save money on expensive onboard drinks. Stock up on duty-free items and relish the savings with your friends.

  1. Backpacking on a Budget

Allocate a daily budget, purchase tourist tickets in advance, and adhere to luggage allowances to avoid additional costs. Compare flights using websites like Flightscanner, Skyscanner, and Kayak to find the most affordable deals. Take advantage of student discounts and promotional codes offered by flight companies. Seek out affordable meals, budget accommodations, and cost-effective transportation options. Consult locals for recommendations on inexpensive cafes, restaurants, and hostels to safeguard your budget. Opt for public transport and make the most of day passes and return tickets.

With these expert tips and tricks, students can fulfill their wanderlust while keeping their finances in check, making unforgettable memories without compromising their budgets.

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